Muntu Warns of NRM's 'Blinding Billions'

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According to Gen. Mugisha Muntu, there is need for the people of Kampala and other areas to be alert and not get confused with money scheduled to be spent by the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party while casting their vote on 14th January.
26 Dec 2020 15:32
Gen. Mugisha Muntu with ANT party members during a campaign in Kyebando, Kawempe Division.

Presidential candidate Gen. Mugisha Muntu has cautioned voters in Kampala not to be blinded by the 60 billion shillings that the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM is scheduled to spend to bolster support for its candidates across the country.

The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) candidate today resumed his campaigns in Kawempe North Constituency and Nakawa both in Kampala district after the Christmas break. 

An Internal Memo recently issued by the NRM Secretary-General, Justine Kasule Lumumba indicated that the money is meant to facilitate their candidates to procure campaign materials.

“This contribution from the party is strictly meant to facilitate procurement of campaign logistics and materials to support your respective campaign efforts, including procurement of posters, transport, airtime, water and refreshments for task forces and campaign agents,” the memo reads in part.  According to the memo, each constituency candidate is entitled to the facilitation of Shillings 40million.

Records from the Electoral Commission (EC) show that there are 353 constituencies. Save for a few constituencies like Mawogola North where the party did not field a candidate due to disagreements over the winner of the primaries, the party has candidates in the remaining constituencies nationwide. 

This means that the party will spend 14.12billion shillings  to facilitate its candidates. The party has allocated 50 million Shillings to each woman parliamentary candidate. There are 146 districts and 10 cities which also have a woman MP.

This means the party will spend Shillings 7.8billion on its women parliamentary candidates nationwide. According to the memo, the party national Special Interest Group parliamentary candidates will get 80million Shillings each. There are four candidates in this category, who will receive Shillings 320million altogether.

The rest of the 16 Special Interest Group parliamentary candidates, who represent the country’s four regions, will bag Shillings 60million each. This translates to Shillings 840million for the 16 NRM party candidates. The memo also notes that the party will reimburse the Shillings 3 million nomination fees paid by each candidate to the Electoral Commission. This will cost the party 1.587 billion Shillings for the 529 candidates.

The party is also scheduled to facilitate 10 City Mayoral candidates with 60million Shillings  each, 146 candidates for the LC V chairperson’s seat with 50million Shillings and others.

Now according to Gen. Muntu, there is need for the people of Kampala and other areas to be alert and not get confused while casting their vote on 14th January.

He appealed to voters to stay focused and not be divided by the money the NRM party is going to provide to its candidates as they seek for votes. Muntu was campaigning in Kawempe North Constituency near St. Paul’s Church of Uganda, Kyebando.

Luganda //Cue in: “ate temukyankalana…

Cue out:…omulundi omulala.”//

Muntu also appealed for votes so that he and his government can fulfill the desire to have a stable country, with fairness, equality before the law and development for all. 

“This has not happened, because politics changed and has self-seeking individuals with uncontrolled greed,"  he said.  "And these are many at all levels and this has turned into a disease. What we need to do on 14th January is to vote out President Yoweri Museveni and start a war of curing the disease that is deeply rooted in the country.”

He sought to be voted together with other candidates fronted by the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) so that they can ensure that Ugandans are all self-sustaining through availability of jobs rather than begging for favors from leaders.

“Reducing the people to a level where the only way of survival is to beg yet they have capacity to make their own money if the conditions are right is literally a crime,” said Muntu.

Uganda's former Army Commander says that it is a bad culture for politics to be looked at as a platform for one to do whatever he or she wants.

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Muntu is later today scheduled to campaign at Bukoto, in Nakawa Division.