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Museveni Urges Young Scientists to Join Army :: Uganda Radionetwork

Museveni Urges Young Scientists to Join Army

Museveni was delivering a lecture of opportunity to 91 young scientists who have been undergoing a two-month training at Special Forces Command Sera Kasenyi Training School.
26 Oct 2023 10:23
Lecture of Opportunity to trainees from Kasenyi - SHE - 10
President Yoweri Museveni has called on young scientists to consider joining the military to consolidate the social-economic transformation path the country embarked on since 1986. 

Museveni made the comments on Wednesday at State House Entebbe while delivering a lecture of opportunity to 91 young scientists who have been undergoing a two-month training at Special Forces Command Sera Kasenyi Training School.“In order to consolidate you, those who are able can join the army properly to be trained either as specialists or can do an Officer Cadet course. I shall discuss with the CDF to see what can be offered to you, then you choose what you want. After that we shall deploy you in so many areas of science,” he stated.

Museveni also called upon the young scientists to join forces with the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government to fight against people who have made it a tendency to block free education for all in government schools. “You need to unite with the NRM and we fight all those people who are blocking the free education of the children,” Museveni said.

He also informed the trainees that education was a crucial factor in transforming the country socially and economically.“The question is, how can I transform myself from a traditional person to a modern person?  We are saying that you can do it in two ways, one way is education. That is why we introduced free education. I wanted you to have free education, but your people have been opposing it down there. The Headteachers introduced charges in schools. They block free education; it is not fully implemented. If it was implemented, all the children would be going to school, but they do not implement it fully because they don't understand, they think that they should be sucking money from you,” the president said.

The President also lectured the trainees that the four core principles of the NRM; Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Socio-economic transformation, and Democracy are very vital in promoting prosperity among Ugandans.“Even today the Banyankore produce milk and beef but they don't buy those things because my neighbor has milk. I also have milk, he has got bananas, I have got bananas also. He doesn't buy from me; I also don't buy from him. So, who buys from him? The people of Kampala. The prosperity of the Banyankore is based on Uganda, not the Banyankore and you can analyze that for all the tribes,” Museveni noted.“

He added, "That is why we say that if you want prosperity, you need Uganda to be able to get that prosperity. You need Uganda to give you the market but then as your people were pointing out, soon you will find out that the Ugandan market is not enough. Once we wake up, the production will be so big that the Ugandan market is not enough, that is why we need the regional market. That is how we get our principles. Principle number one is patriotism, love Uganda, why? Because you need it for your own good. Number two love Africa (Pan-Africanism) because you need it for your own good but in order to take advantage of those, you must become a new person, a modern person (socio-economic transformation).”

He further tasked the trainees to help the government to spread the message of the NRM ideology to other Ugandans to avoid the ideological mistakes which the country faced in the past.

On the issue of strategic security, Museveni said Uganda needs to work with other African countries to achieve the goal.“That is why we talk about the East African Federation. The East African Federation will be able to send a satellite to the moon. Uganda would not be able to send a satellite even when we become a modern country because it's quite expensive; it needs size. That is why we talk of political and economic integration,” Museveni said.

The Deputy Commandant of the Special Forces Command (SFC), Brig Gen. Charity Bainababo informed the President that out of the 91 officers,72 are males and 19 are females, affirming that these undertook training in military law, political education, physical training, skills at arms and basics on Kiswahili.“These participants are from different fields ranging from master’s degrees to bachelor's degrees and diplomas. For these students to appreciate the relationship between a correct ideology, technology, and socio-economic transformation, we got them to read and analyze three pieces of literature that you have authored,” Brig Gen. Bainababo said.“These include how Africa makes the birth of history, The value of political education that you authored in 1989, and then the tribute to Late Nelson Mandela.”

Nuwe Matagaizi Amanya, one of the trainees testified that they have learned lessons from the President’s revolutionary lectures throughout the training and this has shown them how he is determined to develop a modern society that can ensure the prosperity of Ugandans.“While at the training school, we got exposed to a very interesting revolutionary lecture of yours and the literature was amazing. We thought of availing it to all citizens through a central database which with your permission, we can design it in less than one week,” he requested.

In attendance were the State House Comptroller, Jane Barekye, the Chief Transport Officer and Head of Engineering- State House, Eng. Sheeba Kusasira and the Commandant of Sera Kasenyi Training School, Maj. Frank Mugume. 

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