Salaf Association Dragged to Land Probe

Lutayas family accuses the group of illegally evicting them from their land measuring more than 20 acres on Block 390 plot 11 in Buddu in Lwengo District.

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The family of the Late Edris Lutaya of Bwami Village in Lwengo District has dragged the Bukoto West Salaf Dawa Association-BUWESA before the Land probe for allegedly taking over their land. BUWESA is a Muslim association based in Lwengo district under the leadership of Sulaiman Kubo.

Lutaya's family accuses the group of illegally evicting them from their land measuring more than 20 acres on Block 390 plot 11 in Buddu in Lwengo District. Waswiila Lutaya, one the deceased's son told the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire Commission on Thursday that the association started claiming ownership of their family land in 2017.

The association leadership reportedly claimed their late father donated land to the association for the establishment of Muslim projects. According to Lutaya, the claimants attacked their mother, saying on one occasion two men from the association he didn't name, found her cultivating the land and assaulted her until she was hospitalized.

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Lutaya told the Commission that their father died in 2014 and left behind a will. He said the association members approached his close friends in vain searching for any important documents left behind the deceased for unknown reason. 

Lutaya accused BUWESA members of arrogance and threatening to kill them.

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In his testimony before the Commission, the Association General Secretary, Jamil Muwonge denied the accusations of torturing the widow and instead accused the deceased's family members of greed.

He told the Commission that the late joined the association in 2009 and declared his intention to donate land for the establishment of projects like a mosque, school and hospital. Muwonge revealed in 2013, the late Lutaya gave them a letter donating land and asked them to find money and survey the land for the establishment of projects.

He presented to the Commission a transfer form dated August 18th, 2009, in which the deceased purportedly transfered land to BUWESA. The Commission Lead Counsel, Ebert Byenkya asked the witness how the late would have transferred land to a nonexistent entity since the Association wasn't registered until 2016. 

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Muwonge explained that they had registered the association up to the district level, a claim Byenkya challenged.

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Waswiila dismissed the transfer document presented by Muwonge and  presented a will signed by his late father in 2014 recalling the land donation, saying the association had failed to utilize it for the intended purpose.

The will also shows that the deceased handed back the land to his six children. Lutaya also said BUWESA had earlier brained washed their father into believing that he had no children because they refused to subscribe to the doctrines of the association.

He claimed that the association members kidnapped their father in 2013 and dumped him in Ssembabule district. He was found after a search of two months by his family. 

Lutaya explained that when his father returned home, he was sick and weak. It is then, that he made a will distancing himself from the association and died weeks later.

The Commisson tasked Muwonge to bring certificate of tittles, association certificate of reg, mou and articles of administration and their constitution