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Muslims Demand Removal of Bombo Mosque Administrators Over Lack of Transparency :: Uganda Radionetwork

Muslims Demand Removal of Bombo Mosque Administrators Over Lack of Transparency

Haruna Ali a member of the mosque says that several other donations have been solicited from Uganda and abroad for the development of the mosque but remain unaccounted for.
Front View of Bombo Masjid Noor

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More than 200 Muslims of Masjid Noor in Bombo town council have petitioned the Luwero District Kadhi demanding the removal of the administrators of the mosque.

The Muslims want Imam Rajab Ismail, Vice Chairman Siraje Suleiman, Secretary Waibi Sebi, Deputy Secretary Twaha Ibrahim, and the treasurer Muhamood Rashid among others removed over lack of transparency and irregular appointment.

They are accused of assuming offices illegally and failure to account for all funds that are collected by the mosque.

Rajab Yasin Osoko a member of Bombo Masjid Noor says that wrangles broke up recently when the Executive Committee of the mosque appointed Rajab Ismail as imam and two others after the death of the former Imam.  

Osoko says that the appointments were done without the involvement of the College of Sheikhs in disregard of the guidelines governing the mosque. He adds that all Committee members except the treasurer belong to one family of Waibu Sebi the Secretary-General something that has denied other Muslims a chance to be involved in the leadership of the mosque.

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Other Muslims allege that 4.7 million shillings and 40 iron bars for the construction of the mosque were also unaccounted for.

Haruna Ali a member of the mosque says that several other donations that have been solicited from the country and abroad for the development of the mosque have not been accounted for.

Fahima Sayyid the Secretary for Women and Youths at Bombo County says that construction of second floor at mosque stalled due to mismanagement of funds meant for exercise.

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The Muslims have submitted a petition to Luwero District Kadhi Ramadhan Mulindwa seeking his intervention to investigate the Executive Committee and remove them from office.

On Friday, Anti-riot Policemen from Bombo Police Station were deployed at the mosque over reports that the Muslims were planning to close it until the administrators are removed.

But Twaha Ibrahim the Vice Secretary of Bombo Masjid Noor said that they are new in office and they needed time to investigate the alleged mismanagement of funds at the mosque.

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Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa the Luwero District Kadhi said that he intends to meet the conflicting parties next week and came up with a solution.

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Bombo Masjid Noor is among the oldest mosques in Uganda after it was constructed over 100 years ago.

Meanwhile, Christians at Ndejje Archedeaconry have also petitioned Luwero Bishop Eridard Nsubuga seeking immediate transfer of Reverend Canon James Ebil whom they also accuse of failure to account for funds and adultery.

Bishop Nsubuga is yet to respond to the petition which was submitted to his office this week.

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