Nabilatuk Fails to Access Emyooga over Strict Conditions

The various groups have met all other conditions except four due to lack of operational office, failure to raise AGM minutes and resolutions, low savings and lack of financial records.
07 Dec 2021 11:51

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POtential beneficiaries for Emyooga in Nabilatuk district has failed to access the funds after group members failed to fulfil the required conditions set under the scheme.

Sixty-five groups were cleared by the district in conjunction with the implementer, Microfinance Support Centre to receive 380 million shillings but groups have failed to meet a set of required conditions before they can access the soft loans, Micro Support Centre officials have disclosed. 

The district received 380 million in March this year for the 65 associations and all documentation processes have been completed but individual groups have failed to get the money to date. 

The various groups have met all other conditions except four because of lack of operational office, failure to raise AGM minutes and resolutions, low savings and lack of financial records.

According to Taddeo Akugizibwe, the Microfinance Support Centre Relations Assistant, all business associations in Nabilatuk have failed to access the money since March 2021 to date despite the fact that the money was made available to the groups by March, this year.

“We are playing our role, but this is a multi-stakeholder initiative," he said. "We cleared Nabilatuk in March this year. However, to date, not even one group has accessed the money. Their money is still intact in Post Bank. Their savings are very low, they don’t have AGM minutes, and they don’t have records, despite the fact that they have been trained on the project. they meet all other conditions except the above.” 

The associations and individuals need to save first at least a third of the loan they will need, he added.

The Nabilatuk Commercial Officer, Judith Lopus confirmed that the groups are yet to receive the funds seven months down the road.

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In Moroto district, 51 Associations are also yet to receive the financial support due to bureaucratic delays by the ministry of trade microfinance support centre to come up with certified certificates for the associations to access the financial support, a source told URN on condition of anonymity.

But like Nabilatuk, Moroto district is also said to have issues with saving culture where by only few groups have saved with the SACCOS Microfinance Support Centre.

One of the conditions for the group to receive emyooga funds is through constant savings and most groups in Moroto have failed to demonstrate a good saving culture and financial discipline, said Akugizibwe.

“The groups are required to save money constantly but most groups have sat back. They are only waiting for the money but it is a requirement for them to show that they are working and saving their money.”

Last week, a number of leaders from Moroto expressed dismay over the delay by Microfinace Support Centre to avail emyooga funds to the various groups in the district.

Cosmas Ayepa, the Secretary Social Services and Treasurer of Matheniko Leaders’ Association said they were giving up waiting for Emyooga describing it as unattainable.

The Chairperson South Division Isaac Lokol also noted that the people in his jurisdiction are growing hopeless about receiving the support.

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Emyooga group members in Moroto town said the program is well intended but access has remained an issue.

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Emyooga is presidential initiative on wealth and job creation by making financial resources available to selected business groups aimed at improving livelihoods.