Nakaloke Town Clerk on the Spot for Giving Away Town Council Land

Alon Mulyanyuma, the town clerk Nakaloke town council in Mbale district has been accused for conniving with a section of councilors in the town council and gave away part of land hosting the town council headquarters and part of land hosting the police station.

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The town clerk of Nakaloke town council is under fire over the alleged giveaway of town council land to property developers.  

Alon Mulyanyuma, the town clerk of Nakaloke town council in Mbale district is accused of conniving with a section of councilors in the town council and gave away part of land hosting the town council headquarters and part of land hosting the police station.  

According to residents, some councilors and the town clerk have been at the forefront of giving away and others selling off land that belongs to the town council to property developers. The town clerk is accused of selling land to one identified as Ismail Mukakandi.

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Yusuf Kadama, the councilor representing youth at the town council says that the town clerk and some councilors forged council minutes and assigned themselves plots of land on the land hosting the town council.    

He said that after the councilors assigned themselves the land, they later sold it to people within the town council who now want to develop it.   

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The sale of the land did not go down well with residents and local leaders in the town council who had to seek the attention of the head of the Anti-Corruption Unit in State House Lt. Edith Nakalema.  

In the letter dated 13 January 2020, the National Resistance Movement Chairperson George Mwanika wrote to the Anti-Corruption Unit informing them of the fraudulent sale and grabbing of the public citing the Town Council Headquarters and Police land.    

In his letter, Mwanika said the political and technical leadership of the town council have connived and sold the land to the business community with influence from the district leaders.   

“This was witnessed by the division and allocation of land located at the former youth hall that leaves the youth with no other recreation center, land adjacent to the football pitch, the Police station land which has ongoing construction works and land in front of and besides the town council headquarters,” said the letter that reads in part.    

On 28th/January/2020, the Mbale resident Commissioner Sulaiman Sulaiman Barasa Ogajjo wrote to the town clerk of Nakaloke Town Council directing him to stop any illegal sale and giveaway of land within the town council.      

“My office has received several complaints about rampant and illegal sale of council sale of council properties such as buildings, plots, playground and others without going through normal procedures, there is an element of demolishing the council structures and allocation of plots mostly to the leaders quietly.

"The community has complained and even informed State House Anti-Corruption Unit. This is therefore to bring to your attention that this must stop with immediate effect and proper legal procedures followed,” reads the RDCs letter which Uganda Radio Network - URN has seen.

However, this has not been heed to as per the directive as the property developers have continued to construct buildings on the land.

On Monday this week, residents blocked a property developer who had come to cut down the trees within the town council claiming that the land belongs to him. Police and the army was later called in to camp in the area for a whole day to prevent any form of chaos.

George Mwanika, the NRM Chairperson of Nakaloke town Council said that there are projects that have come to the town council but they have failed because there is no land.

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Ibrahim Kacho, the councilor representing Nakalole Ward said that the executive tabled a motion in council to sale part of land of the town council which some councilors rejected and others were allocated plots on the land even without a council minute.   

He said that after the political leaders allocated themselves plots, they started selling the land to developers who now want to begin developing it.      

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However, Alon Mulyanyuma, the Nakaloke Town Council Town Clerk dismissed allegations saying that they are baseless only aimed at tarnishing his career and said that he is not responsible for creating plots within the town council.    

“There is no sale of land there, it has only been leased at 70,000shs, to those who applied. I don’t want you the media to be used to tarnish my name which I have worked for," he told URN on phone.