Nakapiritpirit Leaders Divided Over New Chekwi Constituency

Kadama are a minority community of Nakapiripirt district in Karamoja sub region. They live around Mount Kinei in the far East of district bordering Amudat as well as Kenya. According to Hon. Esther Anyakun, the Woman MP Nakapiripirit, the community needs affirmative representation in the parliament through their own constituency in order to address political representation.

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The cabinet decision approving the creation of Chekwi East Constituency in Nakapiripirit district has drawn mixed reactions for local leaders. On June 24, cabinet approved the creation 9 new constituencies including Chekwi East to be curved from Chekwii County.  

The creation of the new constituency is meant to provide representation for the minority Kadama community. A section of the leaders mostly from Kadama community want the new constituency to only cover the Kadama geographical location such that the minority ethnic group can get effective representation in parliament.

John Lonyee Kiyonga, the Kadam Sub County LC V Councilor has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga opposing inclusion of other areas dominated by native Karamojongs under the new constituency.  He wants the Speaker to remove Kakamongole Sub County, which predominately hosts Karamojongs from Ckekwi East. 

He says inclusion of Kakamongole, which has an estimated population of 10, 000 people that is twice the population of the Kadama minority ethnic group will undermine the affirmative action. “Including Kakamongole in Chekwi East will defeat the purpose of its creation. 

This constituency is meant to give representation to the minority Kadama which will be jeopardized once Karimojong who are majority are included,” reads the petition in part. Kiyonga told URN in an interview that from the Kadama ethnic group have unanimously resolved that the new constituency should address their representation gap. 


//Cue in: “The Kadama ... 


Cue out: ... not be combined.”//  

Esther Anyakun, the Nakapiripirit Woman MP agrees that the new constituency should improve the representation of the Kadama minority.

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Cue out: ... for affirmative action.”//

However, the Works State Minister, Peter Lokeris and the Nakapiripirit District Speaker, Richard Lochoto and some other leaders are opposed to the suggestion.

Lochoto wants parliament to approve the composition of the new constituency including Kakamongole Sub County as earlier captured in the minutes of the district council that resolved the creation of a new constituency.    

He says council resolved to have Kakamogole in the new constituency and the decision should be upheld.  

//Cue in: “During debate in council ...    


Cue out: ... as per this side.”//

Once Kakamogole Sub County is left out the Chekwi East Constituency will comprise Moruita and Lemusui Sub counties and Nakapipirit Town Council. Like the Ik of Kaabong and Tepeth of Moroto, the Kadama speak their own language and have different cultural practices. 

The area has a total population of about 10, 000 people with voter population of about 5,000. The area is hard to reach with very poor road network. According to the district leaders, sometimes they are forced to go through Kenya to gain access to the area. 

The community is a result of intermarriages between the Karimojong and Kushites in Kenya. They live around Mount Kinei in the far East of Nakapiripirit district, which borders Amudat as well as Kenya.