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Nakaseke MP Candidates Ask Police To Treat Them Equally

Esther Nakawooya the DP candidate for District Woman MP race says that the campaigns will only remain peaceful if Police enforce the electoral laws fairly and treat each candidate equally.
Charles Nsereko Basajjassubi chatting with Alhaj Abdul Nadduli after nomination on friday

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After nominations of member of Parliament candidates for Nakaseke district last week, majority have asked the Police to treat them equally during the campaigns.

Atleast 14 candidates were duly nominated to contest for the four Parliamentary positions in Nakaseke District. They are seeking to represent Nakaseke North, Central, South and Woman District in Parliament.

Mike Jjuuko the Nakaseke District Registrar has declared Charles Nsereko Basajjassubi (National Resistance Movement) and Paul Luttamaguzi Ssemakula (Democratic Party) as duly nominated candidates for Nakaseke South.

Others are; Syda Bbumba (NRM), Allan Mayanja (National Unity Platform) and Sulaiman Jakana Nadduli (Independent) nominated for Nakaseke Central MP race.

At District Woman MP seat, Sarah Najjuma (NRM), Esther Nakawooya (DP) and Violet Nakalema ( NUP ) have been nominated.

For Nakaseke North, Enock Nyongore (NRM) has been nominated for the Parliamentary seat among others.

After nominations all the candidates called for peaceful campaigns but hasten to add that this will happen if Police and the Electoral Commission treat all candidates equally while enforcing electoral laws as well as COVID-19 rules.

Charles Nsereko Bassajjassubi, the Nakaseke South MP Candidate said that recently he has faced numerous attacks against his supporters and majority of his posters have been defaced.

Nsereko has asked his rivals to exercise restrain and engage in peaceful campaigns ahead of general elections.


//Cue in: “Nze nkubiriza banange….

Cue out;….kyebekwasa.”//

Sarah Najjuma, the NRM candidate for District Woman MP said that it will be absurd for her to win but live residents divided and others in jail for breach of electoral laws.

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Cue out;….yetaaga munne.”//

But Esther Nakawooya, the DP candidate for District Woman MP race says that the campaigns will only remain peaceful if Police enforce the electoral laws fairly and treat all candidates equally.

Nakawooya adds that already Policemen in the area have been faulted for selective application of laws after they allowed NRM candidates to hold processions and blocked those for opposition candidates.


// Cue in: “Ebiseera byetugenda…

Cue out;…za mateeka.”//

Allan Mayanja, the NUP candidate for Nakaseke Central MP race says that NRM and Opposition can co-exist in campaigns if Police position itself as neutral force to ensure law and order. Mayanja says that although they are law abiding, they wont hesitate to engage NRM leaders or Policemen in case they restrain them to campaign.

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Cue out;….whole country.”//

The Electoral Commission returning officers and Police are expected to meet the candidates next week to harmonize programmes to avoid violence in the campaigns.

In Nakasongola, atleast 10 candidates have been nominated to contest for three Parliamentary seats in the district.

Among those nominated are Margaret Komuhangi (NRM), Lydia Nalugya (FDC) and Victoria Zawedde (Independent) for Woman MP seat.

Others were Noah Mutebi (NRM) and Ivan Kyeyune (NUP) For Nakasongola County. Engineer Berunado  Ssebuga (Independent) and Bernard Ssekyanzi (NRM) for Budyebo Constituency.

In Luweero atleast 33 candidates were nominated to contest for four seats.

Among those nominated today is incumbent Katikamu South incumbent MP Edward Ssembatya, incumbent LC 5 Chairman Ronald Ndawula who is contesting for Katikamu North MP race  and Abubaker Kalume for Katikamu South all on independent tickets.

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