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Nakasongola DSC Investigates Shooting at School Compound :: Uganda Radionetwork

Nakasongola DSC Investigates Shooting at School Compound

It is alleged that the bullets were discharged by one of the seven private guards hired by one Jotham Mafende to protect two square miles of land that he recently acquired.
Classroom block where bullets landed after they were fired by private guards

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Nakasongola District Security Committee is investigating how bullets landed in the compound of a Primary School in the area.

Pupils of Kikooge Primary School were thrown into disarray on Monday morning when bullets fired by private guards landed on the school compound.

It is alleged that the bullets were discharged by one of the seven private guards hired by one Jotham Mafende to protect two square miles of land that he recently acquired.

Tobby Erabu, the Deputy Headmaster of Kikooge Primary School explains that on hearing the loud explosion, pupils and teachers who were in classes ran out only to see the bullets in the compound.

Erabu adds that the school authorities alerted the LCI Chairman and area Security Intelligence Officer who later found that the private guard discharged the bullets accidentally while cleaning the gun.

He, however, noted that this is the second incident after the same guards fired bullets in the air to scare away residents during a land conflict that threatened both the school and the community.

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Mafende allegedly emerged with a land title in 2018, claiming ownership of two square miles which partly hosts the government school, a health centre and 206 households. Mafwende fenced off part of the land and has allegedly engaged in several acts to evict them.

Nakasongola District chairman Sam Kigula explained that apart from the Monday incident, the community has reported several cases where the private guards have fired bullets in the air intentionally to force people to leave the land.

Kigula adds that Mafende has allegedly blocked the road heading to the community well, slashed gardens, fenced off the school and threatened to evict the school together with other residents that existed before he acquired the land.

He added that Mafende had forced many people to sell off their cattle and others fled the area to save their lives. Kigula also faults the said landlord for a summons to appear before the security committee to defend his actions.

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Sarah Nakate, a resident has lived on the land for the past 40 years till recently Mafwende emerged and took away part of her two acres where she was cultivating crops.

Nakate says that they are living in panic and can't access their gardens in fear that they can be shot dead by the guards.

She said that they have filed several cases with the Police but no action taken and now they want the intervention of President Museveni to force Mafwende to compensate them before they leave the land.

Abel Bekunda, the Deputy Resident District Commissioner said that the District Security Committee has ordered Police to investigate the shootings as well as the deployment of guards contrary to the Presidential directive.

Bekunda says that Mafende earlier on was summoned by the Security Committee to explain how he acquired the land but he snubbed it.

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Jotham Mafende the accused landlord was unreachable for a comment on the allegations levelled against him.    

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