Nansana Sets Tight Guidelines On Property Development

The new guidelines have already begun to bit with over 50 building plans bounced back to owners on failure to meet the new set requirement. One of the victims is St Joseph Catholic Church whose plan to build a two-storeyed building along Hoima Road has been trashed.

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Nansana Municipality has issued tight guidelines on property development limiting land fragmentation and halting construction of buildings below three stories within the central business areas.  

The development comes as a move to enforce the recently approved municipal physical development plan.

Other cardinal requirements that will critically be observed include; sanitary facilities, observation of road reserve rules, availability of off street parking space, and detachment from one property to another among other attributes of modern urban constructions.  

TheNansana Municipal Town Clerk, Ambrose J. Atwokosays he will not approve any development or building plan that does not meet the set requirements thus appealing to property developers to adjust their plans according to the new guidelines to avoid frustration.  

The new guidelines have already begun to bite with over 50 building plans bounced back to owners on failure to meet the new set requirements. One of the victims is St Joseph Catholic church whose plan to build a two-storeyed building along Hoima Road has been rejected.

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Cue out… not approve it.”//  

Atwokosays the move is facilitating development with an intention of ensuring order in the already messed up and poorly developed central business areas of Nabweru and Nansana.  

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Nansana, which was upgraded into a municipality in 2015, has been developing into one big slum with hilarious housing facilities and commercial buildings cropping up without any order followed as leaders look on.  

Atwokosays effective July this year, the municipality will no longer approve construction of buildings of whatever form on small pieces of land as the property developers have been found of partitioning plots into 40 feet by 50 feet thus creating congestion and disorganized housing.  

Recently, Nansana Municipality rolled out a detailed plan for growth centers of Gombe and Busukuma leaving out the already congested and poorly planned business center. Atwokosays that the new guidelines will slowly shape and modify the already congested area.    

However, this move has been criticized by politicians, with a section arguing that it is going to hinder many people from upgrading their property. Zamu Kyeyune, Nabweru Division representative, says the economic times are tough and few people will be able to abide with the new rules.  

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Martin Ssebunjo, property developer, says they have been receiving information that the municipality intends to demolish a number of their properties thus fearing that the move might be a step towards the said plot which he says will cause them a lot of losses.  

“We thought that this town is for people, but such rules are direct messages that the poor are no longer needed. The wave begun from Kampala and now hear it is. No wonder the current town clerk has been working from KCCA. Be let him know that this is Nansana,” the furious Ssebunjo told Uganda Radio Network.  

However, Atwokostresses that the municipality does not intend to demolish any building which is already standing. “We shall not touch any standing building but whoever thinks of setting up a new one will have to observe the rules and that is not negotiable.”  

Meanwhile, the municipal authorities are moving cell after cell negotiating with land lords to give up part of the land for the proposed widening of all roads within the municipality. Nansana has also allocated over shillings 350 million in the financial year, 2019/2020 towards detail planning as authorities seek to transform the town.