Nebbi Elderly Rebel Hands Himself to Ugandan Authorities

Patrick Oryema of Uganda Homeland Liberation Forces-UHLF being paraded in Nebbi RDC's office before he was handed over to his wife and son.

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The security personnel in Nebbi district have received a deserter of a rebel group, the Uganda Homeland Liberation Forces-UHLF, a movement based in the DR Congo, who has abandoned rebellion and handed himself over to authorities in Nebbi district. 

Patrick Oryema, 65-years old resident of Ndew Sub County in Nebbi district, claimed he was lured by traditional charms to join the rebel group in DR Congo.  He later deserted and found himself in Hoima district from where he was later transferred to Nebbi district. 

Oryema was received by Nebbi RDC and reunited with his wife Lucy Akello and son Ronald Piracel.  Robert Abak, the RDC Nebbi while handing over Oryema after parading him before the public in Nebbi, cautioned the Public against rebel activity, saying they will never win the war against government.  // Cue in; I appeal to these people.…Cue out; misleading our youths.…. // 

  Speaking in the local Alur dialect, Oryema confessed and regretted having joined the rebel activity, blaming it on traditional charms which he said confused him. “Let’s join hands with the government since its stronger than the rebels, I never wanted to join but do not know what compelled me, I think the charms and herbs they mix with water confused me that we did not know what we were doing," said Oryema. "Later I realized I was in the wrong place and rejected their orders until I found a way of escaping from the group. They had already started talking bad about me. I appeal to my people in the bush to come out because I was well received back home and I okay.” 

Meanwhile Lucy Akello, the wife of Oryema could not hide her excitement. Speaking in Alur, Akello thanked God for bringing home her husband alive, who she said disappeared on April 16 2021 and she didn’t know his whereabouts. 

Akello who also disclosed that she was beaten and her chest broken by security personnel in search of her husband whose whereabouts were not known said, “I didn’t notice any strange behaviors with him. Life was hard without my husband, I’m happy that government has brought him bac.” 

Bosco Okwai, the LC 3 chairperson Ndew Sub County urged people from Ndew who have joined the rebel groups in DR Congo to abandon rebellion and come back home.  // Cue in; I want to appeal to.…Cue out; these people to the families.…. //  

According to security report, most of the rebels of Uganda Homeland Liberation Forces come from Ndew Sub County and that Patrick Oryema is the third person to abandon rebellion from the group.