Nebbi Hospital Staff on Strike

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The staff of Nebbi Hospital are on strike.
The strike was called to protest a decision of the Nebbi District Council to scrap health workers' incentive packages. While nurses, paramedics and technicians at the hospital will receive no allowances, the allowances for doctors have been increased from 250,000 to 500,000 shillings.
Morris Kwach, the staff representative on the Nebbi Hospital Management Committee, says the decision of the district council was made without consultation of those affected. He claims that the only staff person conferred with was the District Health Officer, Dr. Jakor Oryema, who didn't represent any other opinions but his own.
Kwach says there is no justification for the rewarding of doctors at the hospital. He says that for several years junior health workers have carried the weight of the work, often being forced to hold consultations in the absence of doctors.
The striking workers warn that if their grievances are not addressed, they will extend their stay-at-home strike indefinitely.
Despite the noticeable absence of medical staff at the wards in Nebbi Hospital, the hospital administrator, Jessica Ongire, insisted that there was no strike. She said she is aware of the conflict over the incentives issue, but said it is being amicably resolved by the district.