NEMA Warns Kabale Residents over Wetland Destruction

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has ordered people occupying the Kashambya, and Rukiga wetlands in Kabale district, to comply with the river bank restoration action plan.
The river bank restoration action plan is aimed at reducing the frequency and impact of flooding.
NEMA executive director, Henry Aryamanya, says his organization has ordered the locals of Kashambya to implement the 15 metre river bank restoration action plan, to stop the degradation of the environment.
More than 1500 families are cultivating the wetlands, despite warnings from the national environment management authority.
In a letter to the Kashambya LC111 chairman Asiimwe Rwamwehare, Aryamanya said implementation of the action plan would save loss of water at Kisizi falls where a mini- hydro power has been constructed.
Aryamanya says wetland destruction in Kabale district is responsible for the early dissipation of fog and mist, and increased malarial infection and water borne diseases.
But the LC 3 chairman says the locals are not ready to comply with NEMA's directive, because they don't have alternatives.