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New Criminal Gang Causes Panic in Kumi :: Uganda Radionetwork

New Criminal Gang Causes Panic in Kumi

The group waylays businessmen on their way home while others are attacked in their houses where they rob property and leave assault the victims.
Moses Apollo, a survivor of Ikok crminal gang nursing injuries in Kumi.

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Residents of Kumi Municipality are living in fear following the emergence of a new criminal gang in the area. The group popularly known as Ikok, loosely translated as termites has been creating fear among residents.

The group waylays businessmen on their way home while others are attacked in their houses where they rob property and leave assault the victims. 

The latest victim of the gang is Moses Apollo alias Ojumbe, 28, a resident of Angopet Cell in Kumi North Division who was attacked on Sunday night at his home by two unknown assailants.

Ojumbe who is nursing injuries at Divine Clinic in Kumi Municipality said that the assailants broke into the house around midnight and attacked him with machetes. 

“I had just retired to bed when I had someone entering my room. Before I turned on the lights, they were already on my neck but I managed to overpower them after a long struggle”, he said. 

Abdurrahman Rajab, another victim and a mechanic in Kumi Municipality says he was waylaid on his way back home last month. Rajab says he met the group of about 40 young men, some of whom he recognized as drug addicts in Kumi town. 

“Some of these young men are rejects from their families. They are well-known in Kumi town for chewing marijuana and smoking opium in the open- even the local leaders and the Police know them”, he said. 

According to Rajab, the group first robbed him of all the money he had in his pocket before hitting him with sticks, machetes, and stones. 

Ateso bite

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Cue out…ainomonoma itunga.”//

Emma Agelun, the Director of Ryans Inn Guest House and Bar says the gang has affected his business operations. He explains that the group breaks into the premises where they beat and rob customers, forcing him to close early.

Agelun says that his business premises have been attacked more than four times. 

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Cue out…abongor ikok.”//

Felix Akol, the LCI of Bazaar Ward in Kumi Municipality says that the gang started operations in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Ateso bite

// cue in: “Ikok lu idumuni…

Cue out…toma aijar do.”//

The East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman, Oscar Ageca says that they have arrested more than 50 members of Ikok in Kumi following several complaints by the residents.

“We have disbanded and arrested all Ikok gang members”, Ageca said in a text without providing details of people behind bars.