Dr Atwine Frustrated by Non-Performing Commissioners in Ministry of Health

Atwiine said that her efforts to get rid of non-performers has resulted in her being dragged to court.

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The Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine has expressed frustration over the continued poor performance of commissioners in the Ministry. She says that the commissioners continue to being promoted automatically without a review. 

Atwiine who was speaking on Saturday during a meeting organized by an NGO  Center for Advanced Strategic Leadership (CASTLE) said that her efforts to get rid of non-performers has resulted in her being dragged to court.

//Cue in: “You get commissioners ……    

Cue out: …… deliverables are not there”. //

She says when she suspended some senior officials that she couldn’t reveal, she was instead taken to court.

//Cue in: “I have sent some people …

Cue out: ……. no one follows up”. //

According to Atwine, rather than giving people permanent and pensionable jobs, public service procedures should change to contracts that can be renewed with good performance. 

Atwine says that as a short term remedy, they want to digitize performance management such that when a person signs in and reports to work they can track their performance on-line without having to visit work stations physically. 

She said the plan was to start this process with the regional referral hospitals, although she adds automation has not received support from those that are supposed to implement it.

However, Jacob Simunyi, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who attended the meeting said digitization alone cannot guarantee results saying it as cosmetic and unfruitful.

“Take the URA Online services, for instance, they are almost impossible to work with. They seem to be wired to fail the client so that they are forced to hire agents who work as intermediaries at a cost. The same could be said of passport applications under Ministry of Internal Affairs”, he said urging that if automation is adopted there should be mechanisms to ensure that they work and are not merely cosmetic cover-ups”.

However, the planned digitalization is not the first attempt to make health workers and public servants perform. Already, health facilities are fitted with biometric fingerprint technology to track reporting to work with funding from donors. 

But, Atwine says the issue is not just reporting to work but what they do when they report. She says that many doctors on duty are glued on social media as queues of patients wait to see them, the same thing happening at the Ministry headquarters.

The COVID-19 pandemic that came with limiting personal interactions and encouraging people to work from home she says has particularly hurt her Ministry as officials show up for only a few hours and spend time on social media and reading newspapers.

Sharifah Buzeki, the Commissioner Public Service Inspection and Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Public Service said they are required to conduct performance reviews of public servants every quarter but this has been challenged by the fact people have now been working remotely.

She said they are currently discussing how well they can monitor people who work from home because performance management was added to areas for audit starting last financial year. 

//Cue in: “We are required …..     

Cue out: ……. That is documented”. //

According to figures by the Ministry of Public Service, in just one year since performance management was made an audit area, an inspection of employee performance has improved from 53% to 85%.

However, Buzeki says hiring on contract as suggested by Atwiine is one of the things being explored by her ministry.