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Northern Uganda Tasked to Front Candidate for FDC Party President :: Uganda Radionetwork

Northern Uganda Tasked to Front Candidate for FDC Party President

Jamal Abudhala Wante, the Interim coordinator for Nandala Mafabi and Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) 2026 who is also the Chairperson FDC in Namutumba district explained that Lango had credible people who can lead the party.
FDC party leaders from Lira district swearing in on Wednesday (Photo by Immaculate Amony)

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The leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has rallied the people of Northern Uganda to consider fronting a Presidential candidate for the party.

The call was made during the swearing in ceremony of the newly elected district leaders from Lango sub region. 135 out of the 150 newly elected district leaders, and 15-member district executives were sworn in.

Jamal Abudhala Wante, the Chairperson FDC in Namutumba district explained that Lango has credible people with leadership potential which should not be taken for granted. He said that it is about time the top party leader comes from other regions.

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He said the party members should not be discouraged by the current disagreements in the party because it is a normal occurrence in any democratic setting.

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Joel Okao Tema, the chairperson FDC for Lira District said that every region has competent people to lead the country and that Lango as a sub region should not be left behind when it comes to the leadership of Uganda.

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Earlier, some party chairpersons at the district level had raised concerns as to why party members from Northern Uganda were not appointed to top positions in the party. 

Bryan Ogutu, the chairperson Oyam district wants the next treasurer to be appointed from Lango sub region.

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Julius Peter Okello, the chairperson FDC in Dokolo District wondered how the misunderstandings among the party members are being handled saying . He said that if it is not addressed it will be shameful to the people of Lango considering that the party’s chairperson disciplinary committee is from Lango.

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However, James Otoo Apili, the party’s chairperson Disciplinary committee assured the party members that the committee will address the wrangles within the party leadership.

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Cue out: … Uganda one people.”// 

FDC party has gazetted 6th October as the date for the National Conference during which new party leaders at National level will be elected to the replace the current office bearers.