NRM Courts Independent MPs to Support Gov't Legislative Agenda

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is currently courting Independent legislators with a view of gaining their support for government’s legislative agenda in the Eleventh Parliament.
Courtsey picture of MP Thomas Tayebwa

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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is currently courting Independent Members of Parliament to support the government’s legislative agenda in the Eleventh Parliament.

Thomas Tayebwa, the Government Chief Whip says that the NRM is finalizing Memorandums of Understanding –MOUs with different Independent MPs.

Speaking at the handover for the NRM parliamentary caucus executive, Tayebwa says that the government’s legislative agenda recently presented to the Parliament’s Business Committee has a total of 20 Bills for consideration. The NRM Party has majority MPs in parliament totalling 336 members, Opposition 109 and 74 Independents.

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Last week, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja presented to the Business Committee chaired by Deputy Speaker Anita Among the proposed government business in the first year of the Eleventh Parliament. These include amendments to the Land Act that would see several changes to the administration of Mailo land.

The government proposed new regulations and laws on ownership and management of land, especially in Buganda and these are intended to protect bibanja holders and bonafide occupants from being arbitrary evicted.

However, the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and Charles Peter Mayiga recently warned the government against interpreting the country’s land issues in political terms.  

But Tayebwa says that the NRM Parliamentary Caucus will support the legislative agenda and ensure that the government’s agenda is passed. 

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Tayebwa also appealed to NRM MPs to avoid presenting private Members Bills to avoid any competition with the government. He advises that these should also consider consulting with the party leadership before tabling their Bills in Parliament. 

“The government is not about shining, we have to shine as a group, as government, you cannot shine alone or as an individual,” he said.

Meanwhile, the new NRM Parliamentary caucus executive members committed to supporting the party decisions. These include Kitgum Woman MP, Lillian Aber, the Secretary, Kibuku County MP Herbert Kinobere, the Caucus Vice Chairperson, Napak Woman MP Faith Nakut, Treasurer and Kagoma North MP, Alex Kintu, the Publicity Secretary.

Kinobere and Aber pledged to render support to the Government Chief Whip, also doubling as the Caucus Chairperson to ensure that the government position passes on the floor of parliament.

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