NRM, FDC Struggle to Endorse Candidates for Gulu City Speakership Race

Six candidates have expressed interest to contest for the position with three from the NRM and two from Forum for Democratic Change and an Independent candidate.

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The National Resistance Movement Party -NRM and Forum for Democratic Change -FDC party in Gulu are struggling to endorse a single candidate to contest for the Gulu Council City Speakership.

Six candidates have expressed interest to contest for the position with three from the NRM, two from Forum for Democratic Change and an Independent candidate. 

The candidates from the NRM are Lambert Lameck Akena, the Councilor representing the Workers’ Union and the Secretary Health and Education Gulu District Local Government, Alima Joyce, the Female Councilor for Bargege-Layibi Division and the former Deputy Speaker for Gulu District Local Government in the 6th Council and Susan Acan, the female councillor for Laroo-Pece South and the former councillor female youth for the former Gulu Municipal Council. 

Those from FDC Party are Andrew Otto Ogwetta, the Councilor representing Laroo-Pece North, the former Gulu University Guild President and Moris Odong, the Former Deputy Speaker for the former Gulu Municipal Council. 

 However, each of the candidates has failed to step down for the other.  

Akena says that the council needs a speaker who will demonstrate impartiality and stand for the welfare of the other councillors. 


Cue in: “the speaker should….”  

Cue out: “…participate in debates.//

However Alima, Acan and Odong say they are yet waiting for the decision from their respective parties.

“I will respect the decision of the party in case they endorse my colleague but that will only come when there is fairness and transparency in the process” Odong explained. 

He however says that he has experience in leadership given the fact that he had served as the Deputy Speaker in the then Gulu Municipal Council.


Cue in/Luo…”amito ceto kunu….”  

Cue out…”ni anga matwero….”  

James Ocen, the NRM Party Chairman for Gulu City disclosed that the party will determine its candidate in the next two weeks in either primary election or through the decision that will be taken by the City’s NRM Caucus.

Patrick Lumumba, the newly elected Mayor for Bardege-Layibi Division who also doubles as the FDC Chairman for Gulu City says that the party will not subject the two candidates to primary elections. 

“We have no option for primary election but we have advanced negotiation which we hope will work before the Party top officials can take its own decision on the best candidate” Lumumba added.  

In the local government elections in Gulu City with 13 councillors were elected on the NRM ticket, FDC had 3 councillors while 1 was an Independent candidate.