NRM Gulu Office to be Evicted over Ushs 4.2m Rent Arrears

If the National Resistance Movement leadership in Gulu does not pay its rent arrears in the next 14 days, they will be kicked out of the building from which they are renting office space.

David Lakony, whose building on Main Street in Gulu has been housing the NRM office, says the party owes him 4.2 million shillings in unpaid rent. Lakony says that in addition to the arrears, the rooms in which the NRM offices are located have been greatly dilapidated in the past two years that they have been renting there. He says the floor and walls have been greatly damaged and are in need of repair, an expense he wants the party to pay for.

When Lakony opened the office for a team of journalists and NRM leaders for a tour, a lot of what he claimed was proved to be true. The roof of the building is leaking and the paint on the walls is peeling. Files and party papers in the office were soaked in water and were moulding and the entire office had a foul smell.

Walter Ochora, the Gulu NRM chairperson, said he could not comment on the matter because his deputy, Ben Acellam was responsible for the office space. He promised to contact the party headquarters over the money and said that in the meantime he would retrieve all the documents for safe custody.

Acellam has refused to comment on the matter.