NRM Supporters in Sironko Decampaign MP Flag Bearers

The flag bearers include Asha Mafabi Nabulo the woman MP candidate, Nabende Alex Guga candidate for the district LCV chairman and Vincent Woboya incumbent Budadiri East MP.

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Flag bearers of the National Resistance Movement in Sironko district are facing the wrath of voters who accuse them of fraudulently winning the primaries.

Last year's NRM primaries were marred with irregularities in several parts of the country as several candidates protested against the outcome of the polls.

In some parts of the country, agents of candidates dished out money at the polling station to lure voters, while in other areas some voters refused to line up until they are given money and the involvement of security personnel was common.

In Sironko, NRM supporters have vowed not to elect the flag bearers in Thursday’s elections, arguing that their victory was not genuine.

The flag bearers include Asha Mafabi Nabulo the Woman MP candidate, Nabende Alex Guga candidate for LCV Chairperson and Vincent Woboya, the incumbent Budadiri East MP.


The voters accuse the flag bearers of fraudulently taking the NRM flag with help of the NRM chairman and the district NRM registrar.

Francis Nabutewa, a voter in Bumalimba trading center said that the NRM leaders who manipulated the primaries should vote for the flag bearers and leave them to decide on who is supposed to lead them for the next five years. 


“Every dog with its tail, every man for himself, we shall vote for those we want and the NRM officials also vote for their own. A number of those holding the flag for NRM in the district were not genuinely voted” he said.

Moses Mafabi, a voter in Mabale village said primary elections in almost all the districts were neither peaceful nor genuine, which angered many supporters.  

Mafabi says they will mobilize support for only the party’s presidential candidate.

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Deo Francis, a resident of Mutufu sub-county said that since the people who are holding the NRM flag are not those they voted for, they will not vote for any of them.

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