Ntoroko Flood Victims Starving

Constantine Noweri, one of the flood victims from Rwangara parish says they have spent a week without receiving any support from government.

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Dozens of flood victims in Ntoroko district are starving. 

The affected people were displaced last week after Lake Albert burst its banks and flooded their homes. The most affected are residents of Kachwankumu, Rwangara, Katanga and Kamuga parishes in Kanara Sub County. 

They took refuge in local churches, Rwangara primary school and in the homes of their neighbours. However, the flood victims say they are starving due to lack of food.  

Constantine Noweri, one of the victims from Rwangara parish, says they have spent a week without receiving any support from government. 

According to Noweri, they are in dire need of food, clothes and clean water.  

Daniel Kisembo, another affected resident says he is finding it difficult to provide his family.  


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Wilson Baguma, the Rwangara Village LC 1 Chairperson, says the displaced people are living in squalid conditions. He is worried that they might contract diseases such as typhoid and malaria among others.  

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Fred Mugisa, the district Councillor representing Rwebisengo Sub County, says the flood victims haven’t received any support since they were displaced from their homes. 

He calls for government intervention to provide relief support.  

Ntoroko District Chairperson, Ben Mutahinga, says their hands are tied since they haven’t received support from government to help the affected people. 

He also says they are worried about the health and hygiene because of congestion in the camps.