Ntoroko Community Schools Operating in Appalling State

At Kisege Nursery and Primary School in Karugutu Sub County, they have classes up to P.5, but from the nursery section up to P.2, pupils study from a structure that is unroofed, lacks windows and doors and pupils sit on stones due to lack of desks.
08 Jul 2019 15:34
The only classroom block at Nyabinoko Nursery and Primary School in Nombe Sub County, Ntoroko District is tempory and materials used to build walls have started falling off.

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Community schools in Ntoroko district are operating in a poor state. The schools lack classrooms, teachers, furniture, libraries and other scholastic materials.  

Most of the schools are established in areas where there are no government-aided schools to enable children to acquire some level of education, but their poor state is hindering them from realizing the objectives of their establishment.   

At Kisege Nursery and Primary School in Karugutu Sub County, they have classes up to P.5, but from the nursery section up to P.2, pupils study from a building that lacks windows and doors. The pupils sit on stones due to lack of desks. 

Thungu Julia, the head teacher says that started in 2010 and it is the only primary school in Busayiro parish with an enrollment of 90 pupils.  

Thungu says that when it rains, teaching in the other lower classes is halted and pupils with their teachers join other classes for shelter.

The school also lacks a library and offices for the headteacher and staff. The teachers are forced to sit under a tree to mark pupils’ assignments.

 Victor Karwana is among the founding member of the school says that although they have eight dedicated teachers, lack of these basics spell doom for the school. He says that they need at least 50 million shillings to improve the conditions of the school.

At Nyabinoko Nursery and Primary School, in Nombe Sub County, the situation is not any better. In the primary section, the school has up to P.2. 

The school was constructed in 2017 as the only primary school in Musandama Parish, it has only one temporary structure, lacks a library, has not staff offices and Top Class and P.1 share a classroom due to scarcity of the classrooms. 

The head teacher, Maureen Kefeeza, says that they have an enrolment of 60 pupils who trek long distances to reach the school.    Kefeeza adds that the Ntoroko Education officials have on several occasions closed it due to its deplorable state, but they always beg for its reopening because it is the only source of hope for education to children in the area.   

With each pupil paying 15,000 shillings per term and with a good section defaulting fees, Kefeeza says they need government intervention to at least construct classrooms and offices for them. 

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Cue out… nikwo bali bati.”//  

Nombe Seed Secondary School is the only Secondary School in Nombe Sub County. Even though government is trying to construct a few permanent structures at the institution, most classes are still being conducted from temporary structures with walls made of reeds only. 

The school also lacks laboratories, a library among other basics.   Efforts to get a comment from the Ntoroko District Education officials have been futile as they were not in their offices and they neither received nor returned our repeated phone calls.  

The Ntoroko LCV Chairperson, Timothy Kyamanywa, acknowledges gaps in community schools, saying that government is currently trying to help community-based Secondary schools to put up permanent classrooms and laboratories in the district and will later move to help primary schools.