Ntungamo Voters Front Candidate for 2011 LC5 Elections

Although it is still three years to the next general elections in Uganda, a group of voters in Ntungamo district are not taking any chances. 200 of them, led by their LC2 councilor, Ambrose Turyatemba, have officially written to the Ntungamo district council speaker, Denis Singahakye, asking him to contest for the LC5 chairmanship in 2011.
In their letter, the residents of Nyabihoko in Kajara County complain that the current LC5 chairman, John Karazarwe, has not delivered his promises of development in their area. They say none of the pledges made in Karazarwe's 2006 election manifesto have been fulfilled.
Citing the example of the Nyabushenyi Bridge that was recently washed away by heavy winds and floods, the residents say transport infrastructure in Ntungamo is deteriorating fast and there is nothing being done to stop this. They say they it is a shame for an important bridge like Nyabushenyi to be destroyed when it is located in Karazarwe's ancestral home area.
Ambrose Turyatemba discloses that the people of Nyabihoko are suffering greatly because their roads have been destroyed from years of neglect. He explains that farmers are unable to transport their produce to the markets because no vehicles will dare to go down their roads and people in need of urgent medical care are at a loss because of the absence of available transport.
The residents say that although some of them are members of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change and the district speaker Denis Singahakye is from the ruling National Resistance Movement, they are willing to back him. They claim that he is the only district leader who has shown interest in serving them regardless of their political or religious affiliations.
Neither John Karazarwe nor Denis Singahakye has officially responded to the letter.