Old Students Reject Construction of Cricket Oval at Iganga Municipal Council School

Joy Babuleka at the field that was being converted into a cricket pitch.

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Former students of Iganga municipal council primary school located in Northern division, Iganga district have stormed the school premises in protest of the on-going construction of a cricket oval within the football pitch.

The former students say that the cricket oval is slated to occupy half of the football pitch which will deprive the pupils enough space to train during inter-school football competitions.

The angry group which was led by Ayub Tagaba destroyed the bricks and other concrete pavers that were constructed yesterday.

Tagaba says that the pitch is known for hosting annual primary schools competitions within the district and transforming it into a cricket oval requires comprehensive consultation from all stakeholders.

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Another old student Geoffrey Omondi also says that the pitch is a talent nurturing ground for most of the first division clubs within the district and activities aimed at reducing its’ size will affect football.

Omondi further faulted the school head teacher, Joy Babuleka of conniving with some political leaders to giveaway part of the school land to the Indian association to construct the cricket ground.

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However, Babuleka denies the claims saying that the management comittee of the school endorsed the construction of the cricket oval and also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Iganga Indian association.

“Some of those people are just hypocrites. After all the support we have been receiving from the Indian community, the school management committee members signed a memorandum of understanding and endorsed the project," said Babuleka.

Meanwhile, Hussein Kato, the northern division town clerk says that Babuleka failed to follow the necessary procedures involved in modification of school play grounds and has been tasked to avail the development plans to the Iganga municipal town clerk for approval.

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