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Omoro Residents Decry Poor State of Roads :: Uganda Radionetwork

Omoro Residents Decry Poor State of Roads

According to reports from Omoro district, only 294 kilometers’ roads have been rehabilitated and maintained out of the total of 821 kilometers.
One of the roads in bad condition from Koro Sub County in Omoro District
Residents of Omoro District have decried the poor state of roads in the area.

The district has only 294 kilometres of roads that have been rehabilitated and maintained out of the total of 821 kilometres’ district and community access roads.

Grace Abalo, a farmer and resident of Loyo -ajonga Village, Idobo Parish, Lalogi Sub –County in Omoro district says she is stuck with her 240 bags of beans due to the appalling state of roads to transport the produce to the market.

She reveals that Loyo-ajonga –Orapwoyo and Loyo –ajonga –Labora roads that they use are currently devastated following the heavy rain that the district is experiencing.

Molly Awino, another businesswoman based in Lalogi Town Trading Center in Lalogi Sub –County says that she is unable to travel to the villages to purchase produce from farmers because no driver wants to use the roads for fear of getting stuck.

Awino appealed to the district authorities for immediate intervention since the poor state of the roads is not only hindering farmers but also learners and teachers.

Geoffrey Olwoc, the LCI Chairperson Idure Village in Lakwaya Sub –County says so far two bridges along Idure - Labora –Acet district road have broken down making it extremely hard for the road users to cross.  The bridges according to Olwoc are Dawa and Chome.

He adds that Olwoc that the roads have big potholes and that when they contacted the district authorities, they were told that the roads shall be worked on in September.

Douglas Peter Okao, the LCV Chairperson Omoro, says that they contacted the Uganda Road Fund to maintain and rehabilitate the district roads in a poor state, but said that there is no funding currently.

Okao also disclosed that t5he inadequate funds were used to rehabilitate 71 kilometres of roads which include; Omoro Town Council of 0.5 km, Opti to Awor of 8km, Lakwatomer via Abole to Abili in Koro Sub County and Abole to Lagwe-Dola.

Others are Lalogi – Barariyo road to Oyam, Lakwatomer via Palenga to Tee-Opok and Keto Trading Centre and Abili via Abwoc to Tochi in Bobi Sub County. According to Okoa, some of the roads are yet to be worked on in the next financial year like Laminadera -Loyoajona road connecting to Gulu City at the cost of 166 million shillings.


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