Omukama Iguru Tasks New Land Board On Full Return Of Kingdom Assets.

New Bunyoro land board sworn in
The Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, has tasked his newly appointed land board to fight for the full return of kingdom properties.The Omukama was swearing in his ten member land board during a function held at his Karuziika palace in Hoima town on Saturday.

The Omukama noted that although the 1933 agreement grants the Omukama a right to ownership of all properties and other natural resources in his kingdom, this has not been fully observed to date.He said  many forest reserves are still in the hands of government and many of his subjects in Kibaale district dont have land titles.

Recently, the kingdom prime minister Yabezi Kiiza, was quoted attributing the kingdom’s financial problems to the lack of full ownership of its valuable resources, still in the hands of government.

The Omukama appointed the land board on June 11, during his 17th coronation anniversary celebration. The land board is headed by Abi Tinkamalirwe Hairora, a retired civil servant and former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labor in the Obote Two regime. It is the first of its kind ever since the resoration of the kingdom in 1994.

The land committee starts work at a time when the kingdom is embroiled in land wrangles with residents who allegedly encroached on its land and historical sites.

Other members on the land board are Hoima district councilor representing the disabled, Edward Kusiima, Secretary Hoima district land board Edward Asiimwe, among others.

Harm Mugenyi, a lawyer and the kingdom’s attorney general is an ex-officio on the board.

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