One Shot As Suspected Karimojong Warriors Raid Agago District

Raymond Otim, Omiya Pachwa sub county Chairperson told URN in an interview that the victim was shot in the Stomach with a gun
Armed suspected Karimojong Warriors have shot and injured one person in Agago district.

The victim has been identified as Justine Omony, the LCI Chairperson of Kurmegi Village in Lukin parish, Omiya pachwa Sub-county.

It's reported that about six warriors raided Omony's home on Thursday, attacked him before looting four cattle from his kraal.

Raymond Otim, Omiya Pachwa Sub-county Chairperson, says that the victim was shot in the stomach with a gun.

He says Omony was shot after he came out of his house to check on his animals that were being looted from the kraal by the warriors.

He was later rescued by Local Defence Unit personnel who intervened and rushed him to Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital for medical treatment.

Otim says the LDU personnel also pursued the armed warriors and recovered all the looted animals, military boots and army uniform, an AK47 assault rifle and two mobile phones from Lupuk village.

The incident comes at the backdrop of heightened security along with the porous border points of Agago with Karamoja region to curtail the influx of Karimojong Warriors that have surged this year and particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown.

For instance in April this year, six livestock farmers in Paimol Sub County sustained severe injuries after they were also attacked by armed Karimojong Warriors from the neighbouring Kotido District.

In June this year, 54 cattle were looted from local farmers in mora village in Ngora Parish, Paimol Sub County. They were later recovered by LDU personnel after a heavy gunfire exchange with the armed warriors.