Only Three Candidates Turn out for UACE in Bukalasi S.S

Bukalasi Secondary School registered 10 candidates for UACE, only boys but only 2 sat for History paper and one Mathematics making a total of three candidates.

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Only three candidates have turned up for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education that started today, at Bukalasi Secondary School in Bududa district.

Uganda National Examinations Board(UNEB) today began conducting the exams countrywide for all candidates in  A' level, beginning with History Paper 3 for Arts candidates and Mathematics for mostly Science Candidates.

Bukalasi Secondary School registered 10 candidates for UACE, only boys but only 2 sat for history paper 3  out of seven who had registered for the subject and one candidate sat for mathematics  out of three who had registered for it, making up the three candidates who turned up today in the examination room.

This means 7 candidates did not turn out representing 70% of the total registration.

Christopher Katumba, the head teacher Bukalasi  S.S said they noticed this earlier when only three students were attending classes out of the ten that they had registered and tried to follow up on the whereabouts of the others but could not find them.  He said they got reports that some of the students had left for Kenya to go and work with others married and riding boda bodas.

Edward Mukhwana the area supervisor attributed the candidates' no show to the disinterest of the parents and the teachers' failure to conduct adequate counselling of the students, leading to their dropping out. He said this was so unfortunate that the future for the 7 students is hazy.  

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Bukalasi secondary school attained a UACE centre number U2684 five years ago with 17 candidates during their first sitting.

According to UNEB guidelines, a centre must have a minimum of 15 candidates.

This means the centre has less than the required number of candidates to sit for UACE and the possibility of withdrawing it is on the cards.

Other schools in the district that fielded UACE candidates include Bulucheke SS with a total of 62, Bududa SS with 83, Bushika S.S with 29, who were all present.