Open Quarry Site Worries Maracha Residents

The site was used to extract hardcore, aggregate and stone chips by CICO, a China based road Construction Company during the construction of the 92 km Vurra-Arua-Oraba that was completed in 2015.
Man-made like at Rokoze quarry site that has tuened into a death trap

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Residents of Nyadri sub-county in Maracha District are worried over the open Rokoze Hill quarry site.

The site was used to extract hardcore, aggregate, and stone chips by CICO, a Chinese road Construction Company during the construction of the 92 km Vurra-Arua-Oraba that was completed in 2015. It has since turned into a man-made lake, posing a risk to the area residents, especially children who are engaged in Quarrying, fishing, and swimming among others.

Between 2018 and 2020 at least three people died after drowning in the man-made lake.

Although CICO erected a fence at the ditch as a temporary measure, the fence has since been destroyed by unidentified persons, exposing the residents to greater risks.

Gerald Acema a resident living near the open site says that there is an urgent need for the leaders to intervene now that the temporary fence has been vandalized.

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Cue out:…stolen by people. ”//  

Vincent Drati, the Sub-county Chief Nyadri explains that the continued engagement of the area residents in activities like fishing and quarrying is putting the lives of many residents in danger.

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Cue out:… animals for water. ”//

Richard Wambi, Maracha District Deputy Chief Administrative officer has condemned the community for vandalizing the temporary fence. According to Wambi, they are considering erecting a wall fence as one of the lasting solutions to block people from accessing the site.

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Nola Avako, the Environment officer Maracha District has warned the residents against the practice of vandalizing the temporary fence.

"The residents of the area should stop vandalizing the fence at the facility because they are endangering their own lives," Avako said.

According to the decommissioning phase conditions set by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) for the site in 2012, CICO was to ensure that the restoration plan is fully adhered to and implemented upon closure of project activities, including restoring the overburdened site and covering the topsoil.

The plan also tasked CICO to carry out re-vegetation of the degraded land surfaces by planting native species of vegetation, so as to control the occurrence of soil erosion in the project area and to improve the project area aesthetics. But local residents say this was not achieved.