Over 20 Incumbents in Elgon, Bukedi Sub Regions Lose MP Seats

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David Mangeni, a resident of Busia district attributed the failure of incumbents to their support for the scrapping of the presidential age limit.
connie Galiwango, the Incumbent Woman MP for Mbale District, She was Voted Woman MP Mbale city

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Over 20 incumbent Members of Parliament from the Elgon and Bukedi sub-regions lost their seats in the just concluded elections. Key among those who lost the election is Julius Maganda, the East African Affairs State Minister and Samia Bugwe County South MP. Maganda lost to Godfrey Were Wandera, an independent who garnered 8,098 against 7,811 votes polled by the incumbent. 

The Busia District Woman MP, Jane Nabulindo also the seat to the National Resistance Movement-NRM candidate, Helen Auma who scored 30,729 against 24819 votes managed by the incumbent.  In Bugisu sub-region, 10 of the 17 Members of Parliament lost their seats. They are Vincent Woboya, the Budadiri East MP Vincent Woboya who garnered 12,152 against 15776 votes polled by his FDC rival, Isaiah Johnny Sasaga who got 15776 votes.    

In Bulambuli District, the incumbent Woman MP Sarah Namboozo Wekomba lost to the former Energy Minister, Irene Muloni who got 28,975 votes against 19,696 votes polled by her rival. Former NTV Journalist, Agnes Nandutu beat Bududa District Woman MP Justine Khainza who got 17770 votes against Nandutu’s 27,445 votes.

In Lutestshe County in Bududa district, the incumbent, Godfrey Watenga who ran as an independent lost the seat to NRM’s Isaac Modoi who garnered 9861 votes against his 9148 votes. Bulambuli County MP, Alex Burundo lost to Isaac Katenya who contested as an Independent after losing the NRM flag to Burundo.

In Kapchorwa District, the Incumbent Woman MP, Rukia Chikamondo lost the seat to Philis Chemtui, the NRM candidate who scored 18060 votes against Chikamondo’s 8535 votes.  In Butaleja district, all incumbents lost their seats to new people. James Waluswaka, the incumbent Bunyole West MP garnered 11550 votes and effectively lost to NRM’s and East FM manager, Geoffrey Mutiwa who got 16880 votes.

The Woman MP, Agatha Hamba also lost the seat to her predecessor, Florence Andilu Nebanda while the Bunyole East MP, Moses Nagomu lost to the former DP strongman and NRM’s Yusuf Mutembuli. Kenneth Soyeko, the incumbent Tingey County MP lost to Twala Fadil from the ruling NRM.

Annet Nyakecho, the Tororo North County lost to FDC’s Geoffrey Ekanya while Polycarp Ogwari, an independent beat the Agule County MP, Francis Mukula of NRM. Fred Mudokoy of Butebo County lost to Dr. Patrick Mutono.

The incumbent Kween district Woman MP, Lydia Chekwel lost to Rose Emmy Cherukut, the former Kapchorwa Resident District Commissioner.  David Mangeni, a resident of Busia district attributed the failure of incumbents to their support for the scrapping of the presidential age limit.

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Abasa Wetaaka, the National Unity Platform Coordinator for Bugisu Sub-region, who is also contesting for the Mbale City Mayoral Seat, told Uganda Radio Network that some of the incumbents who lost their seats lost touch with the people on ground.    

“They lost touch with the people but they also underperformed in parliament and the age limit removal also affected some of them like Vincent Weboya and Alex Burundo, for people like Sara Wekomba, she went through in the previous election just because of a family wrangle since Iren Muloni and Wekomba are from the same family but this time around these issues were sorted. That is why Muloni beat Wekomba,” he told URN.

Wilson Wamanga from Bukalasi said their legislators like Godfrey Watenga and Justine Khainza have not fulfilled the pledges they made to voters like the issue of torture by Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers whenever they access Mt. Elgon National Park.

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John Toolo, a resident of Bushiyi Sub-county, says they have had challenges in Bushiyi with the most recent when landslides wreaked havoc in their sub county destroying crops and displacing some of them. He, however, says none of the leaders came out to address their issues.    

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