Over 200 University Students in West Nile Undergo Patriotism Training


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Over 200 students from Universities and tertiary institution across West Nile region have been trained on patriotism as part of the efforts to change the mindset of the youth to take part nation building. 

The three-day training that ended on Sunday January 30th was conducted by the National Secretariat for Patriotic Corps-NSPC at Nunu Primary school in Ayivu division Arua city.    The training is aimed at imparting a sense of national consciousness among the youth. 

Lt. Col Arthur Mutebi, one of the facilitators said the students were made to understand the history of Uganda and how they can be part of the transformation process. He said there are forces that mislead the youth to engage in unproductive activities hence the need to make them understand their country. 

//Cue in “the aim was to…//

Cue out…transformation process,”// 

Mohamed Kabo the internal security officer -ISO of Arua city explains that there is need to train more youth on patriotism to change their mindset towards Uganda. He says negative forces are targeting the youth to fight the country. 

//Cue in “we need more youth…//

Cue out……………in discipline,”//

 Brigadier General Patrick Mwesigye, the NSPC commissioner explained that for Uganda to achieve transformation, the mindset of the people need to be changed to understand their society.

//Cue in “we want to be…//

Cue out…knowing your priorities”//

Maj. Gen Felix Kulayigye who was speaking during the closure of the training said the conduct of the youth can be a security threat to the country but when the potential of the youth is harnessed it can propel economic transformation of the country. 

//Cue in “the conduct of the youth…//

Cue out…….in society,”//

Some of the participants said if the young people work together they can been able to addresses their challenges and tap opportunities in the country.

//Cue in “because we constitute……//

Cue out……… Riots everywhere”// 

The trainees were drawn from Muni University, MUBS Arua, UCU Arua, Bugema University, IUIU Arua, Arua School of Nursing and Kuluva School of nursing, among other institutions.

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