Over 30 Christians Arrested in Soroti for Defying Presidential Guidelines

Jemimah Agwang, one of the members of the fellowship says they had a burden and conviction to pray for the country during this hard times of COVID-19 outbreak.
Some of the members of Teso Intercessors and Deliverance Team at CPS Soroti.

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Police in Soroti have arrested more than 30 followers of Teso Intercessors and Deliverance Team members for allegedly conducting prayers against the Presidential Directive on social gatherings.

The group, including eight men and 28 women was rounded up during their lunch time prayers at Akisim Ward, Eastern Division in Soroti Municipality on Friday. The team had gathered for their routine intercession in their church, located next to FDC offices in Soroti.

Jemimah Agwang, one of the members of the fellowship says they had a burden and conviction to pray for the country during these hard times of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We always gather for two hours from 2-4pm to intercede for the country since we are going through hard times. Sometimes, we alternate our places of worship but also keep a distance from each other when praying. We strongly believe that prayer is the only solution to this pandemic,”Agwang narrated to a police detective recording her statement.

When asked whether she was aware of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni's directives on social distancing, she explained that God’s ways differ from human understanding.

Jimmy Ojiman, one of the pastors of the group politely told the detectives that they were not fighting the state and its policies but rather seeking God’s intervention amidst the crisis.

By the time of filing this story, the police detectives were busy recording statements from the group, as they awaited further action from police high authorities.

David Ongom Mudong, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman confirmed the arrests but noted that he was yet to get a detailed report from the team on the ground in order to communicate.

Meanwhile, Police at Central Police Station in Soroti are holding a 24-year- self-proclaimed herbalist for allegedly extorting money from people around Soroti Regional Referral Hospital with false propaganda that he had discovered COVID-19 cure.

Lazarus Kungu, a resident of Angopet Village in Soroti Sub County was moving with red liquid in a container, that he proclaimed was a local herb for curing the virus. Mudong says they are investigating the matter.

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