Over 500 Dogs, Cats Vaccinated in Arua

A dog gets vaccinated against rabies

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At least 500 Dogs and cats have been vaccinated in Arua as the district gears up for the National Rabies Day celebrations in Vurra Sub County of Arua district on Tuesday. 

Rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals and the virus is usually transmitted through animal bite. 

The exercise being undertaken in Pajulu, Arua City Center and in Vurra Sub County headquarters is part of the activities by Veterinarians and Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries-MAAIF to commemorate the International Rabies Day.

According to statistics from the district Veterinary department, on average 25 to 35 animal bites are recorded every day in greater Arua which includes Terego, Arua City, Madi Okollo and Arua district.

There are an estimated 11,700 dogs in greater Arua of which 2,223 are stray without owners taking care of them, posing a great risk of spreading Rabies. 

Dr. Willy Nguma the Principal Veterinary Officer Arua district said the activities are aimed at reducing numbers of dogs that may be a threat to communities, adding that they are targeting to vaccinate 1,500 dogs in the run up to the Rabies day celebrations on Tuesday.

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From January to July this year, Arua district registered 135 animal bites on males, 48 on females and 89 on children with 06 deaths. 

Alfred Okuonzi the LC 5 chairman Arua district says having the celebrations of the national Rabies Day in Arua will not only help to tame the stray dogs and cats but also give the council an opportunity to enact a by-law on stray animals.   

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The celebrations supported by Food and Agricultural Organization-FAO shall be held under the Theme: Rabies; Spread Facts Not Fears and the Minister Bright Rwamirama is expected to preside over the occasion in Vurra Sub County, Arua district. 


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