Pader CDO in Trouble Over Alleged Extortion from PDM Groups

Akot reportedly extorted 100,000 Shillings from each of the 25 groups in the five Parishes of Acholi –Bur Sub–County to register the groups.
Minister Henry Okello Oryem and other local leaders of Gulu District Posing for a Photo after launching the PDM -Eng

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Grace Akot, the acting Community Development Officer of Acholi-Bur Sub–County in Pader District is in trouble for alleged extortion of money from beneficiaries of the Parish Development Model –PDM.

Akot reportedly extorted 100,000 Shillings from each of the 25 groups in the five Parishes of Acholi –Bur Sub–County to register the groups.

Godwin Wokorach, the Councilor V of Acholi –Bur Sub–County in Pader District says that Akot charged each of the groups 70,000 Shillings for making the constitution and 30,000 Shillings for the registration certificate –money that was sent to her personal mobile money line.

He says that the Parish Development guidelines indicate that the registration of groups under the PDM is free of charge. He says he cautioned Akot against the vice but she did not relent prompting him to file a formal complaint to the Resident District Commissioner for appropriate measures to be taken against her.

Milton Odongo, the Pader Resident District Commissioner acknowledge the receipt of the complaint against Akot saying he has instructed the police to arrest, investigate and have her prosecuted for the alleged offense.

According to Odongo, such similar vice is very rampant in Pader district. He says they also registered a similar complaint in Puranga Town Council where money is being extorted from groups.

However, Akot denied the allegations saying that the 70,000 Shillings that were paid by the different groups is an arrangement between the groups and the Parish Chiefs or the Community Development Officers. She says the money caters to the transport to the computer centers as well as their labor for the work since the groups do not have the knowledge of writing the constitutions.

Akot also added that the 30,000 Shillings for registration certificates is collected and deposited in the Sub–County bank account on the instruction of the Sub–County Chief and the Sub–County Chairperson.

Henry Okello Oryem, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs warns the civil servants against extorting money from the beneficiaries.

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Oryem revealed that in their tour of the communities in the Acholi Sub–Region, they found a lot of cases of extortion of money from the locals.

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Oryem was speaking on Friday during the launch of the Parish Development Model for Gulu District held at the Gulu District Council Hall.