Pader Quarantine Workers Not Paid Since December

Anthony who was a cook and cleaner says their pay had been delayed due to unknown reasons, and says they remain in suspense because no information is given to them over when they will be paid and since their appointment letters were never issued to them.
Kilak Corner Technical Institute which was Pader district quarantine centre

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Pader district Covid-19 task force has so far failed to settle three of it’s former employees who worked at Corner Kilak quarantine center in Pader district. The arrears due amount to 1.2 million Shillings.

The three aggrieved workers claim that they have not been paid since their services were stopped late last December by the district task force. 

“We were employed to work at the quarantine center though there was no formal agreement which was signed upon being given the work by the district task force,” they said. 

The three distressed workers are Lalam Ojera Vicky who worked as store lady, Okidi Anthony who worked as a cook and cleaner and Can-ongola David who worked as the watchman.

Anthony says their pay had been delayed due to unknown reasons. He adds that they are still in suspense because there is no information given to them when they will be paid since their appointment letters was not issued and the relied on promises made by the former DHO Dr. Layor Alex. 

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According to Anthony, the former DHO gave them some money but told them it was from his own pocket and not their salary. He adds that most of the people who participated in the well-being of the covid-19 patients at Corner Kilak have been paid, but the three critical staff - storekeeper, cook and watchman have not. 

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The three say they are each owed 1,200,000 million Shillings by the district covid-19 task force because they agreed to be paid 400,000 million Shillings per month.

“I thought all the workers had been paid because the money was there amounting to Ugx. 31million,” former member of the district covid-19 task force under anonymity said.  

The task force reportedly received a supplementary budget of Ugx. 31million for their operational cost and administration.

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Okee Dusman, Pader district task force chairperson who is also the Resident District Commissioner however when asked, said that they too have not yet been paid either. He adds that they are still waiting for their payment.

These three people began work on 9th October 2020 and were stopped at the end of December the same year.


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