Paint Your Premises in Lira City or Pay Sh2 million Fine

Amanda Ngabirano, the National Physical Planning Board chairperson, said the country is disorganized because national physical planning has not been valued. A fine of 2million shillings shall be levied on those who shall not paint their business premises and lack dustbins

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The Uganda National Physical Planning Board has given an ultimatum of 14 days to Lira City Authorities to issue notices for owners of commercial buildings to repaint and place dustbins at such buildings.

This plan is aimed at promoting a clean and healthy environment suitable for human occupancy in a place where most houses within the city have lost their glory and are not suitable for a city status environment.

It is also meant to ensure that the newly created cities attain effective development in terms of beautification as far as physical planning is concerned.

Should the authority fail to distribute the notices, they will be tasked with the responsibility of getting commercial houses within the city painted at their own cost. 

Amanda Ngabirano the National Physical Planning Board chairperson said the country is disorganized because the national physical planning has not been valued.

She explained that National Physical Planning has an objective of time saving and efficiency in terms of land use and management.

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Ngabirano said poor disposal of garbage is an offense and a violation against civic pride which is hard to gain once lost because it affects the environment directly.

She said a fine of 2million shillings shall be levied on those who shall not paint their business premises and lack dustbins.

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Dr. Wilson Kayom, Urban planning specialist at the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development noted that the settlement patterns in Lira is not favorable.

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Meanwhile the plan of having structures painted and dustbins placed in front of the buildings has been warmly welcomed by business people of the city.

Andrew Beja who works at kitchen wear at Note-ber road said the plan shouldn’t stop at the city center but rather extend to even places of residence citing that this will enable the city look beautiful and ease the work of cleaners within the city.

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A woman only identified as Eveline selling plastic materials for recycling said she is ready and willing to paint her house and put up a dustbin.

 According to her, before this plan was issued, they had suffered poor disposal of rubbish. Adding that the initiative will help Lira City remain smart.

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Meanwhile John Bosco Obar is optimistic that when the plan is executed, will help them to attract more customers because their business areas shall look clean and beautiful.

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“Let’s love our town because this is our town and nobody else is going to change it for us," he said. "Let’s look at it as being our heritage that’s when we shall be able to support sustainable development within our town or city."