Parents in Kasese Hesitant to Return Learners to School

School administrators argue that parents are trying to avoid paying schools fees until their convinced of their children's safety.
A pupil at Ibanda Primary School washing hands a practice encouraged under SOPs, School admnistrators say all practices will only work if supported by parents

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The low turn up of learners in many schools in Kasese District has been attributed to the  resurgence of new Covid-19 infections.

Administrators argue that parents are trying to avoid paying schools fees until their convinced of their children's safety.

In some of the schools visited by URN reporter enrollment of learners was still below 50 percent of the initial numbers before the lockdown.

Dovicko Kisembo, headteacher Mubuku Valley Secondary School in Mubuku town says many parents believe another lockdown will be announced because of the increase in Covid-19 cases.

He notes that many parents are still hesitant to pay school fees and have opted to send learners without money.


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Josephine Kabanyoro the headteacher of Mubuku Primary School says that the turn-up of learners and the response of parents has been relatively low this term.  

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Eric Masekera, the Katiri Primary School headteacher says parents have shunned any activities meant to revamp the school after being hit by floods in the last two years.  He notes that parents have been demobilized from supporting the schools on grounds that the services at the are entirely free despite the numerous challenges.

Less than 10 parents were recorded to have come with their children out of 350 so far at the school. The school had 624 learners before lockdown.

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  Silver Amon Muhindo is the Deputy headteacher of Bugoye Primary School says information from Bugoye Health Centre III indicates that Covid-19 community cases are rising and this has scared many parents from sending children back to school.

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Fred Tugume the Deputy Head Teacher Royal Ranger Secondary School in Bulembia Division says only 40 of the expected 400 learners were at the school by Thursday.  He says many parents are keeping their children home until they are sure there are no infections registered in schools.

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 Evaleli Bwambale the deputy headteacher of Ibanda Primary School says there is a lot of uncertainty even among those who have already sent children back to school.  Out of 632 learners that have reported back to the school only 279 came with their parents.

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Annet Masika a parent at Kamukumbi Primary School in Isango Sub County she says her two girls will return to school next week when she is sure there is no covid-19 infection in the school. She also asks the government to provide masks for the learners because many parents may not afford them.

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