Parents Involvement Crucial In Improving Performance of Learners-Twaweza Report

The research which was conducted in 37 schools in Eastern Uganda was intended to find out how some children are learning while others are not.
According to the report released today, for learners to learners to learn parents and members of the community where schools are located are vital

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The involvement of teachers and parents is crucial in helping learners excel. This is according to research findings carried out by Twaweza.

The research which was conducted in 37 schools in Eastern Uganda was intended to find out how some children are learning while others are not. 

It was conducted in districts that performed poorly national level during Primary Leaving Examinations-PLE. They are Bugiri, Butebo, Iganga, Kaliro, Luuka, Manafwa, Mayuge,Namisindwa,Pallisa and Tororo. 

According to the findings of the research, the involvement of teachers, parents, headteachers, school management committees and the general community can drastically improve the performance of learners and lead to better grades.

The research that was carried out using the positive deviance method-which focuses on looking at what methods minority of the schools are using to post good results as a means to solve the poor performance.

It focuses on the good instead of the bad practices in schools that are hindering learning.

Julius Atuhurra, the regional coordinator of Research at Twaweza says the findings shows that schools are using positive deviance to improve the learning outcomes of students.

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The findings also show that peer-led learning in schools among pupils has proved effective in helping them understand better what is taught in class.

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Betty Apolot, the headteacher of Kamuge Olinga Primary School in Pallisa district says that in her school, experience has shown that commitment from teachers and parents is needed to help learners excel.

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Filbert Baguma, the General Secretary of the Uganda National Teachers Union-UNATU says that the findings of the research are true and stakeholders need to meet and enforce some of the findings.

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PLE results from 2018 shows that there was a small difference in terms of pupils who passed or failed the examinations. Over 670,000 pupils sat for the examination and it is estimated that 63,000 pupils failed while 70,555 passed.

Maria Goretti Nakabugo, the regional coordinator of Twaweza says the findings of the research show that under performing schools are working hard to improve their grades.

“It is easy to think that there’s nothing good happening in under performing schools but we have seen this not to the truth. These schools are using simple methods that can easily be adapted by any other school to change their performances.”