Parliament Leadership to Hold Talks with Museveni on Nakawa-Naguru Land

Aisha Kabanda, the Butambala Woman MP laid on the floor of parliament a letter dated July 12, 2022, authored by Minister Nabakooba and addressed to the Inspector General of Police –IGP regarding land for Ms Internal Medicine Virginia Limited.
Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa.

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The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa says that the leadership of the House is going to reach out to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni regarding the adopted report on the Nakawa-Naguru Land allocations.

Tayebwa said that he would formally communicate to the President on Friday so that a meeting is held with him next week. He said that Parliament would communicate to Museveni that the actions being taken by the Executive are aimed at frustrating the work of parliament.

The Deputy Speaker said that the results of this engagement would be communicated to the House.

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This followed a Thursday statement by Judith Nabakooba, the Minister of Lands saying that she was not ready to present an action-taken report on the recommendations of Parliament on the Nakawa-Naguru land allocations.  The House recommendations arouse from a report by the Adhoc Committee on Nakawa-Naguru Land.

She said that her Ministry has not yet studied the recommendations of the committee since Parliament did not formally submit them to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

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Minister Nabakooka’s statement did not go well with a section of MPs who accused the Executive of undermining parliament resolutions.

Asuman Basalirwa, the Bugiri Municipality MP said that Ministers were present when the report was presented on the floor of parliament and after its unanimous approval, the government side undertook to take action on the recommendations of the House.

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Deputy Speaker Tayebwa said that whenever resolutions of the House are made, they are communicated formally by the Clerk to Parliament to the relevant authority for action. He said that he needed to verify with the Clerk, Adolf Mwesige whether the resolutions had been communicated. “I need to verify, and if we didn’t, then I will give my guidance,” said Tayebwa.

Charles Bakkabulindi, the Worker’s representative said that the Clerk plays a role in the items listed on the day’s Order Paper. He said that the item wouldn’t have been listed on the Order Paper if parliament had not communicated to the Ministry.

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Dan Kimosho, the Kazo County MP said that instructions are already being given by the Ministry of Lands contrary to the report adopted by the House.

Kimosho, who chaired the Adhoc Committee on Nakawa-Naguru land said that failure to respect the processes undertaken by parliament would mean that the House wasted taxpayers' money investigating the allocation of land at Nakawa-Naguru.

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Aisha Kabanda, the Butambala Woman MP laid on the floor of parliament a letter dated 12th July 2022 authored by Minister Nabakooba and addressed to the Inspector General of Police –IGP regarding land for Ms Internal Medicine Virginia Limited.

“I received a telephone communication on 7th July 2022 from His Excellency the President directing that you provide security to Ms Internal Medicine of Virginia Limited to enable them to take possession and develop the land leased to the company by Uganda Land Commission with immediate effect. The land is comprised in plot 25 – 50 Naguru road,” Kabanda read part of Minister Nabakooba’s letter.

She said that the House directed that the decision to give Internal Medicine Virginia Limited land totalling 15 acres is rescinded after the Adhoc Committee established that the company does not exist.

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Nabakooba confirmed to parliament that the letter was authored by her. “With all the due respect, I respect this House with all my heart and I want to confirm to you again that the recommendations of the committee are going to be studied and we shall come up with a report,” said Nabakooba. The Minister said that she is directly responsible for the guidance of the President.

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Deputy Speaker Tayebwa emphasized that resolutions of parliament must be respected and implemented and that the leadership of parliament will do whatever is within their means to ensure that this is done.

He said that the findings on Internal Medicine Virginia Limited were clear that the company is a ghost.

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Parliament Report  

On 18th May, Parliament adopted a report by an Adhoc Committee investigating the distribution of 82.05 acres of Nakawa-Naguru land.

The beneficiaries of the allocations by the Uganda Land Commission -ULC were the Internal Medicine of Virginia 15 acres, 10 acres to Uganda Heart Institute, 3.09 acres to KCCA Nakawa Division offices, 1 acre to Naguru Infant Primary School, 1.05 acres to St. Peters Church of Uganda, 2 acres Ntinda Whole Sellers 2 acres and others.

Other beneficiaries were investors Anil Damani 3 acres, Seven Hills Apartments 4 acres, Arab Oil Supplies and Exploration Limited 4 acres, Dashen (U) Limited 3 acres, Dembe Enterprises Limited 3 acres, Dominion Partners Limited 1 acre, EACOM International Limited 1 acre, Rudra Hardware 4 acres, and others.

In one of its recommendations, the House directed that the Minister of State for Housing, Persis Namuganza is held accountable for abuse of office and misleading ULC into the allocation of the land to individuals and entities following Presidential Directives which were non-existent.  

Parliament also observed variation in the acreage of land allocated to different investors saying that this connotes the existence of intentional fraud. Parliament approved the Committee recommends that the Secretary to ULC, Barbara Imaryo be held liable for altering the size of the acreage without a commission minute to the effect.

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