PDM Data Collectors Face Hostile Reception In Luwero

Ssimbwa says that some residents fear sharing information with data collectors on grounds that it may be used to introduce taxes against them.
Minister Alice Kaboyo sensitising Parish Chiefs and leaders about the programme. Kaboyo asked them to sensitise residents to volunteer information about thier households

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A move by Luwero District move to collect data for the Parish Development Model programme has been frustrated by a hostile reception and poor internet connection.

A week ago, Luwero district deployed 381 data collectors equipped with smartphones to collect basic information in 101 parishes about households under the Parish Based Management Information System ahead of the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM) programme.

However, reports from Programme coordinators and local leaders indicate that the data collectors are struggling to meet deadlines over hostile reception from residents and poor internet connection.

Edward Ssimbwa, the LC III Chairperson of Luwero sub-county says that although the exercise is supposed to be conducted within two weeks, several data collectors are yet to complete the collection of data from households within one, out of the two or three villages that were assigned to them.

Ssimbwa says that some residents fear sharing information with data collectors on grounds that it may be used to introduce taxes against them. Ssimbwa faulted the government for failing to facilitate LCI Chairpersons to help them convince the residents.

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Zirobwe Sub-county Chairperson Sperito Kiroli blamed the hostility on the lack of publicity of the data collection exercise and the Parish Development Model Programme. Kiroli, however, noted that in areas where people refuse to divulge information, LC1 leaders can help because some already possess registers about their residents.

Some data collectors who preferred anonymity said that residents told them that they lost trust in government programmes because data is shared but they don’t help to get out of poverty.

Dr Kidda Makubuya, the Coordinator of the Parish Development Model Programme in Luwero district says that apart from hostile reception, coordinators also faced a lack of internet connectivity in selected villages which is needed to upload data to the website.

Kidda says that however, the data collectors have been advised to capture that as a challenge and upload data while in other areas where they can access the internet. Kidda also explained that data collection is intended for gathering information on enterprises and implementation of the programme but is not related to determining taxes.

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As a result, Alice Kaboyo the State Minister for Luwero Triangle appealed to residents to volunteer information about their households because it's beneficial to them. Kaboyo also appealed to leaders to sensitise residents to volunteer data for the smooth implementation of the programme.

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The Parish Development Model is an extension of the approach to development as envisaged under the National Developement Plan III, with the Parish as the lowest administrative and operational hub for delivering services closer to the people and hence fostering local economic development.

Under the initiative, each parish got 17 million Shillings in the current financial year to start the implementation of the programme and next financial year each parish will receive 100 million Shillings.