Pictorial: Hygiene Procedures for COVID-19 Management at Entebbe Hospital

Uganda Radio Network visited the hospital and brings pictures from the donning and doffing room and other hygiene procedures health workers undertake outside the confirmed zone.
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A hygienist, on standby, waits in the corridor for the confirmed ward. The team inside will rely on him to pass on supplies such as bed sheets for patients and also disinfect them when they leave the ward
Entebbe Referral Regional Referral Hospital is currently handling only suspects and patients of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  A total of 94 people including security officers, doctors, nurses and hygienists are on the management team. However, less than 40 officers have access to the confirmed patients' ward.

Everyone who accesses the ward also called the red zone or COVID-19 Treatment Unit (CTU) must follow a number of hygiene procedures to combat the spread of the virus.  The procedures include; donning and doffing all managed by hygienists at the hospital.

Donning and doffing refers to the practice of putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) clothing, uniforms and protective gear. 

Before donning, an individual involved in patient care must bathe, wear scrubs and then move to the dressing room next to the confirmed ward. In the dressing room, the worker wears a surgical suit on top of the scrubs, an apron, first pair of gloves, and overall, another pair of gloves, goggles and gumboots to ensure one's entire body is covered.

After all workers have donned properly, they enter the ward and must spend only one hour to limit the risk of exposure. Support staff wait outside the ward to help deliver supplies to the ward and also take pictures of the clinical notes taken in the ward.

The team leaves everything including papers and pens in the ward and leave empty-handed once they have all completed their tasks. They leave at once, are disinfected before doffing off.

Uganda Radio Network - URN visited the hospital and bring pictures from the donning and doffing room and hygiene procedures health workers undertake outside the confirmed zone.