Pictorial:Floods Hit Mbale District

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Floods were triggered by heavy rains that started at around 4:00PM on Friday till Saturday morning.
23 Nov 2019 18:20
Sugarcane Plantations have also been washed away by the floods
Floods have hit several parts of Mbale district living hindreds of people displaced.

The floods were triggered by heavy rains that started around 4:00PM on Friday and went Saturday morning. 

This forced Namatala, Nabuyonga, Namunsi, Manafwa rivers among others to burst their banks.    

The affected villages include Natondome, Mabanga and Nashihaso villages in Bungokho sub county, Namabasa Zone 4 Lower and 3 Upper in Namabasa sub county, and Busamaga, Nabijjo villages, Namazo cell and shende cell in Wanale Division Namatala in industrial Division, Mission Cell, Bujoroto in Northern Division in Mbale municipality.       

We bring you the effects of the floods on the people of Mbale in pictures.

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