Pilgrims Complete 510kms Janani Luwum Memorial Walk

According to Dr Olara Otunnu, the former Uganda people’s congress party president who led the pilgrims, the journey was to trace exactly the martyrdom journey of Luwum as it happened on February 16th 1977.
pilgrims pray at the graves of st janani luwum and mary luwum, at wiigweng village in mucwini subcounty kitgum district on friday. photo by julius ocungi

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There was excitement at Wii-Gweng village in Mucwini Sub county this afternoon as more than 70 pilgrims arrived at the ancestral home and burial ground of St Janani Luwum, accomplishing 510 kms tracing the last foot marks of the martyr.

The pilgrims drawn from different faith tradition embarked on a journey to trace the final footsteps of the slain former Church of Uganda Archbishop on January 29, from Namirembe Cathedral, Kampala.

Archbishop Luwum was murdered on February 16th 1977 by former Uganda president Idi Amin and his body was later hurriedly buried in front of St Paul Church of Uganda Wii-Gweng by President Idi Amin’s henchmen.

The cheerful and seemingly still energetic pilgrims were welcomed by hundreds of Christians at Muchwini Trading Centre  from their last stop over in Madi-Opei, where Luwum’s body was mistakenly taken by amin’s henchmen.

According to Dr Olara Otunnu, the former Uganda People’s Congress-UPC  party president who led the pilgrims,  the journey was to trace exactly the martyrdom journey of Luwum as it happened on February 16th 1977.

He says the pilgrims started their journey from Namirembe, the former Archbishops palace, to Kampala Serena hotel-the former Nile Mansions, and Nakasero, the former headquarter of the then state research bureau, where Luwum was killed.

//Cue in; “we wanted this…

Cue out… deed was committed.”/

Otunnu says the pilgrimage carried message of faith, prayer, meditation, reconciliation and forgiveness.

//Cue in; “this is a…

Cue out:…as one group.”//

Jolly Luwum Adriko, the fourth daughter of Archbishop Luwum says she is humbled by the honour people are still paying to her father, 43 years after his death.

She says celebrating the 43rd anniversary of Luwum is a challenge to her to match the legacy he left behind.

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Cue out:…its not easy.”//

Luo //Cue in; “awinyo yom cwiny…

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Bongomin Peter, a businessman from Gulu district who accomplished the 510 km pilgrimage says he feels physically and spiritually uplifted after reaching Luwum’s burial place.

He says the challenging walk has also taught him to endure difficulties, just like st Janani luwum.

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Cue out:… ni obedo kumeno."//

The pilgrimage , first of its kind since the martyrdom of Luwum was organized by the province of the church of Uganda prior to the 43rd commemoration anniversary scheduled for Sunday February 16th at wii-gweng.