Pilgrims Defy Church, Draw Water at Cordoned Anglican Site

Pilgrims at the Anglican Martyrs’ Site Namugongo have fetched water through an alternative way by drawing the water through a pipe while others from a channel from the stream.
A woman drawing water from a channel outside the fence of the construction site at the Anglican site

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Pilgrims at the Anglican Martyrs’ site of Namugongo have defied the directive of the church administration not fetch water after the well was cordoned off due to ongoing construction.   

Currently the Anglican martyrs’ site is fenced off including the well where the pilgrims have been drawing water from, to enable the ongoing construction of the Amphitheatre.

  The Principal of Namugongo Seminary, Rev. Esau Bbosa Kimanje said that the pilgrims will this year not collect the ‘holy water’ because the entire Martyrs’ site was cordoned off to allow the ongoing constructions.   

However, the pilgrims did not heed to the appeal and apologies by the church administration and have been going behind the fence to tap water flowing through the stream.   

The believers separately explained the benefits in the water saying that going back without this water which they missed for 2 years would be a disservice to themselves.  

Men and women were seen bending in the stream to draw the unclear water

Aaron Muyomba Bukenya, a student at the Namugongo Seminary said that the people decided to take water in its state and filter it from their respective homes because they are not getting it through the true well but through an alternative pipe provided to them.

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Owen Mizimba from Jinja said that he missed the water for 2 years due to the Covid lockdown and that he could not go without it.    Mizimba said he walked with colleagues for 24 hours to Namugongo to pray and to pick the water because it is blessed for him to use and that it helps to cure different problems faced in life.  

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Martha Nantume from Kako Cathedral in Masaka said that she came to prayer for her family and also to collect the holy water to go cleanse her home.   She said that she will drink the water with the family as they pray for God’s blessing.   

Bright Twijukye from Kamwenge said that it is the third time for him to come for the water but he has been blessed because of the many things he has achieved in the 2 years he came for the water.   

However, Rev. Kimanje insists on disassociating the church administration from the ongoing collection of unpurified water. 

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