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PISO Survives Arson :: Uganda Radionetwork

PISO Survives Arson

The incident which took place at Akwangagwel village in Abim district has left residents in a panic state, wondering why anyone would commit such erroneous act.
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The Parish Intelligence Security Officer -PISO in Akwangagwel parish in Morulem Sub-county of Abim District has narrowly escapes death by burning after his house was set on fire by suspected Karamojong raiders.

Quinto Okello, the PISO, nearly met his death when his grass-thatched residence was torched by the suspected cattle raiders who attacked him in his home which is about one kilometer away from the army detachment.

The incident which took place at Akwangagwel village has left residents in a state of panic, wondering why anyone would commit such an act.

Okello told URN that the armed assailants first knocked on his door and ordered him to get out of his house to hand over keys of his kraal because they wanted animals.

“This is the third time they have attacked me; first they raided two cows, on the 26 of December 2021 they came back again and targeted 23 goats but this time around they didn’t succeed because I denied them the keys to opening the kraal,’’ Okello lamented.

//cue in: they covered all ……….//

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Peter Logiro, the Abim resident district commissioner confirmed the incident saying police have commenced investigations, but no suspect has been apprehended in connection with the incident.

The attack on Okello comes amidst an escalation of insecurity in the Karamoja sub-region where armed cattle rustlers kill people  and steal cattle.

During the arson, property worth millions of money were burnt, leaving Okello who is the sole breadwinner for his extended family homeless.


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