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Police Arrest Serere Man for Alleged Murder of Girlfriend :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Arrest Serere Man for Alleged Murder of Girlfriend

Apio, a student of S.3 in Homeland Secondary School was found dead in her room on Wednesday morning, moments after she was allegedly strangled in her room.
Edison Ebukulem, the Acting East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman.
The Police at the East Kyoga Regional Police headquarters have arrested Phillip Ajotu for allegedly strangling his girlfriend, Scovia Apio, to death.

Apio, an S.3 student at Homeland Secondary School, was found dead in her room on Wednesday morning, shortly after the alleged strangulation.

According to reports, on June 12, 2024, around 4:00 AM, Apio's brother, Tom Osako, went outside for a short call. Upon returning, he encountered his sister heading outside for the same reason. 

About five minutes later, Osako heard a pig making noise and suspected something was wrong. Upon investigation, he saw a man leaving his sister's room. Although he tried to chase the man, he was unable to catch or identify him. When he returned to Apio's room, he found her dead.

The murder was reported to the police, and the case was registered at CPS Serere under CRB:285/2024. Preliminary police findings indicate that Apio had received death threats from her boyfriend, Phillip Ajotu, on June 8, 2024. 

These threats were not reported to the authorities. It is also believed that Apio had misunderstandings with Ajotu after discovering he was in love with her best friend. Following the launch of an investigation, Ajotu was identified as the prime suspect. The East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman, Edison Ebukulem, reported that the police tracked Ajotu to Kapelebyong District, where he was apprehended on Thursday evening.

He has since been transported back to Serere to record his statement. "We caution the public to desist from all forms of violence and to report their matters to the police as they occur," Ebukulem said in a statement.

The incident occurred at the deceased's home in Sapir Cell, Ocaapa Town Council, Serere district.