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Police Audit Reveals Slow Implementation of Gender Policy :: Uganda Radionetwork

Police Audit Reveals Slow Implementation of Gender Policy

Police numbers are currently at 46,776 of which only 8,128 are females.
SSP Rose Nahyuha

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The latest police manpower audit has revealed a slow implementation of the gender inclusiveness policy.

Police numbers are currently at 46,776 of which only 8,128 are females. This translates into 21 percent of female police officers. The police leadership headed by the then Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, in 2013 embarked on promoting and emphasizing gender inclusiveness in all programmes.

Gen Kayihura promised to increase numbers of police recruits both at Constable levels and Cadet Assistant Superintendents of Police. Eight years down the road, the number of policewomen has slightly increased from over 700 which were 18 percent to now 21 including female civilians serving in the force.

Police set a target of increasing female numbers from 18 percent to around 30 percent in 10 years, but that seems to be still far from being realized. It is not only numbers that have remained low but the imbalances that exist in promotions and deployments in key positions.

The Acting Commissioner for Police Women Affairs, Rose Nahyuha, attributes the minimal increase in female numbers to UPF gender policy which was finally put in place a few years ago.

Nahyuha believes that the gender policy will see more females recruited into the police force but also efforts will be made to ensure more females are given chance to serve in key positions and also go for further training so that they can exhibit their ability.

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 As of today, there is only one female with the highest rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police –AIGP, Grace Akullo, who is also the director of criminal investigations. Akullo is also the only woman serving at the level of the director compared to 23 men excluding the IGP Martin Ochola and his deputy, Maj Gen Paul Lokech, holding the force’s topmost positions.

Police data indicates that there only two female Senior Commissioners compared to more than 20 men of the same rank, two female Commissioners compared to close to 40 men holding the same rank.

Nahyuha is optimistic that the huge gap in promotions will gradually be addressed since they have tabled such matters to Deputy IGP who directly supervises the female department.

“You know we have not held promotions for a long time. But we believe such gaps will gradually be addressed. We know the next promotions will see a number of women promoted. But with or without promotions, I encourage female and male police officers to remain committed to the oath of protecting Ugandans,” Nahyuha said. 

The rank of Assistant Commissioner is held by 10 females, Senior Superintendent is possessed by only 19 females, there 59 female Superintendents, 650 Assistant Superintendents yet more than 2000 men are hold the same rank.

In the category of non-commissioned officers, police have 131 female Inspectors of Police, 377 female Assistant Superintendents, 671 female Sergeants, 1075 female Corporals, 3120 Constables and 759 Special Police Constables.

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