Police in Kabale Pinned over Extortion

They argue that whenever they lodge complaints to police, officers don’t intervene without being paid first.
08 Jul 2019 16:19
ASP Gerald Mutegeki, Kabale District Police Community Liaison Officer

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Residents and leaders in Kabale district are up in arms against police officers for extortion.

They argue that whenever they lodge complaints the police officers don’t intervene without being paid first. Citing an example of Nyanja police post in Maziba Sub County, Buhara police post in Buhara Sub County and Kabale Central Police Station, residents say that they are tired of police officers demanding for pay before intervening to arrest suspects.

They want top police officials to intervene and compel junior officers to stop the practice since it is compromising effective service delivery in the force.

Deus Ntegamahe, Kavu parish LCII chairperson in Maziba Sub County says that he recently with the help of crime preventers arrested a suspected thief and handed him over to Nyanja police post. Ntegamahe says that the suspect was later transferred to Kabale Police station.

Ntegamahe says that they were surprised when police officers attached to Njanja police post demanded 30,000 shillings from him and threatened to arrest him if he does not heed.

Ntegamahe says that in fear of being arrested he paid the money which was not receipted.

//Cue in: “Nyowe Nyenka mazima…

Cue out: …bweena obutwiine.”//

Polycarp Turyamureeba, a resident of Kafunjo in Buhara sub-county says that whenever they alert police officers attached to Buhara Police post to arrest suspects, officers demand shillings 50,000.  Turyamureeba adds that in addition to paying, officers also force complainants to hire for them a motor vehicle to drive them to arrest suspects.

//Cue in: “ kuturikwiija twakwata nkomuntu.

Cue out: …eyakyiire omuntu.”//

Dustan Muhereza from Kaharo Sub County says that even if the matter is resolved at police, both the complainant and the accused are forced to pay the officers.

//Cue in: “ nka police post…

Cue out: …esente tukoreki.”//

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, Kabale District LC5 Chairman says that he was recently surprised when officers attached to Kabale Central Police Station demanded pay from residents in Bushuro, Kitumba Sub County before intervening to arrest three suspected thieves.

Keihwa says that he has received various complaints across the district pinning officers of demanding for pay.

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Cue out: …challenge head-on.”//

Wilfred Niwagaba, Ndorwa East County Member of Parliament says that officers who extort money should resign instead of tarnishing the name of police.

 //Cue in: “facilitating police to…

Cue out: …them leave.”//

Gerald Mutegeki, the Kabale District Police Community Liaison Officer faults the residents and leaders for failing to report such cases to his office.

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Cue out: …naaza kutiina.”//

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