Police Officers in Busoga Sub-region Prepared for Retirement

The deputy director, HRM, SCP, Godfrey Musana (in the middle front seat) posing for a group photo with some police officers who were being prepared for retirement.

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Police officers in Busoga sub region have been advised to prepare themselves for retirement so as to avoid living desperate lives after service.

The force’s deputy director of human resource management, Godfrey Musana says that, such initiatives are aimed at guiding officers on how to invest their retirement benefits wisely and live happy lives even after retirement.

Speaking to journalists while closing a two-day training of elderly serving officers from the sub region at the Jinja based Civil Service College on Friday,  Mr Musana said the over 130 officers between the ages of 55-60 who are nearing retirement were sourced from the three police regions of Kiira, Busoga North and Busoga East.

Sergeant Farouk Ntambula says that he has six months to retire but is faced with challenges of updating his mother file since the data on his birth certificate does not tally with that on the National identity card.

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Steven Magona, the officer in charge of traffic at Kiira North central police station who has served in the force for over 40 years says that, retirement had become a nightmare since most of his colleagues have failed to acquire their gratuity even when they offered faithful service to the force even without traces of any criminal record in the course their career. 

Magona further says that police authorities should increase on the number of sensitization trainings offered to aging officers prior to their retirement so as to enable them fulfill the process of acquiring their retirement benefits with ease. 

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Deputy Director Musana stresses that as several police officers from Busoga sub region will be retiring in a period of five years therefore, such trainings enable them to plan for a comfortable life outside the police force.

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Musana further reveals that, police directors have endorsed the formation of a unifying association of all retired police officers with coordinating offices at district levels, which will enable them to access guidance from district police heads on matters concerning their general welfare and lobby possible free trainings on the management of their startups. 

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