Police Recieve Shs 4 Billion from Express penalty Scheme

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The Ministry of Finance has accepted to release to the Uganda Police force money generated from the Express Penalty Scheme.

The Inspector General of Police last week while releasing the annual crime statistics said the Ministry of Finance had given police 4billion shillings collected under the express penalty scheme.

The Express Penalty Scheme popularly known as the ion spot finei was introduced by the works Ministry in 2002 under the Traffic and Road Safety Act 1998. Under the scheme, a person that commits a minor traffic offence is not taken to court but is fined.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, Chris Opio confirmed police had received the money from finance. Opio says that the money would be used to improve the welfare of officers and men of the Uganda Police Force.

However the implementation of the scheme is slow because of poor collections. The Acting Commissioner of Police Traffic and Road safety, Godfrey Aropet confirmed that the collection were few compared to the fines issued.

He however said that the police are working on the system to improve recoveries. Two years ago parliament allowed police to buy four-vehicle number plate recognition systems to net defaulters without inconveniencing other road users.

To net the defaulters police feed number plates of offending cars into a laptop fitted with a camera, which alerts the operator with a beep on recognizing an offending car.

Aropet revealed that part of the money realized from the express penalty scheme would be used to boost the capacity of the traffic department to deal with the increasing road accidents.